By fastfoodslave - 06/09/2014 06:11 - United States - Northampton

Today, while working at McDonald's, a woman returned to the drive thru because her fries weren't hot enough. She was so angry about coming back that she threw her cold fries at me through the window and told me to "choke on them." FML
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Gotta love McDonald's, man.

She wasn't lovin it!


Gotta love McDonald's, man.

I had to work there for about a year and refuse to step foot in one again. It is one of the most crappy jobs out there. The customers are the worst. I almost got fired because one of the customers wasn't satisfied with their sandwich and made a big ordeal about it. I was just the cashier. I can feel OP's pain.

Better to have cold fries flung at you thank hot ones.

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At least she didn't go Super-Saiyan on your ass and break the drive-thru window...

Screw the people in Walmart, McDonald's has some crazy shit

I was thinking of that omg

What about the McDonald's IN Walmart?

hate the McDonald's, worked there all through homeschool...never got promoted even though I always picked up the slack......jokes on them I then went on to make More than the store manager at my new job!

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Sorry op, the fast food industry has some of the worst customers.

It's the Walmart of fast food.

2- I worked in retail when I was in high school. Pretty much any customer service job will suck because there are too many assholes out there.

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Ha! Tell me about it. I work at Starbucks which is arguably the most high-maintenance collection of customers ever.

I work for a hotel and honest to god. I've seen the demons in some people trying to save money on their rooms. Honestly Sorry OP people can be cruel, but keep your head up it will get better!

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I work at McDonalds and I remember talking a woman's order being very polite and she slid a penny across the counter and told me "This is how much you're worth"

She wasn't lovin it!

She didn't get a happy meal, that's for sure.

I mean, hey, free fries?

Cold fries and hot heads, great combo

Shadowvoid 33

Well maybe they wouldn't have been cold if she ate them on the way home like everyone else in the world

Fast food places in general have pretty shocking quality control. McDonalds in particular I've lost count the number of times either drive thru or going in the restaurant (and i use that term very loosely) I've gotten cold food, burnt food (where the inside of the bun is toasted solid and black, or the patty is black and crunchy) burgers put together so badly the sauce and cheese is melted to and smeared all over the inside of the wrapper with virtually none on the burger, or part of the order completely missing or wrong. Sometimes I don't go with my dad so the boxes don't get opened til he gets home again. One time I got a cheeseburger inside a chicken burger box, which was cheaper than what i ordered and at the time i wasn't eating red meat. Another time i only got half the number of chicken nuggets I was supposed to, Numerous times my cheeseburger has no cheese on it despite paying for it, and they NEVER put the dips in even when they charge you 10p each. We get it, it's a boring, low paid, dead end job, and you hate working there, but there is NO excuse for not taking care with orders or giving customers unacceptable food.

I'm sure I'm not the only person that has gotten a bad batch of fries and knew it because I tasted them-- before leaving their parking lot. That crazy customer probably re-circled around and just had it happen to her one too many times. Everyone has a breaking point! Unfortunately, the OP didn't deserve to get that type of wrath but I've been there before (think we all have) and gotten mad at only myself that I didn't return to complain and wasted money throwing food away! Now I taste my fries before I even leave their window and address the issue right then and there if they're too old and shouldn't be served. I also check my burger for no mayo too. I'm sorry if you're the car behind me and have to wait an extra two minutes but I need to check everything before I speed off.

And no, i don't agree with what the lady did, but i can certainly understand her anger. Just because it's a fast food joint and not a posh restaurant doesn't mean it is ok to give crap service.

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katie- why did you keep eating mcdonalds if you have had countless bad experiences? also, what mcdonalds do you guys go to because this stuff has never happened to me. then again, I only go at most 3-4 times a year

I agree. I've had a few times where the order is wrong or there is no dip etc. so I too wait in the line till I've checked to make sure everything I ordered is there.

Since they charge 10p for sauce, she is probably in England. I've worked in fast food. I hate to send anything back. Everyone wants you to believe that they don't mess with your food when you send it back, but I know otherwise. Sorry for your experience, OP. When there is a lull in customers, the kitchen tends to send out things that were left over from a rush rather than cook something fresh.

If people hate going to McDonald's so much, why do they continue to go? That's what I'm not understanding

Unfortunately certain people come in there acting like it's a posh restaurant; I've witnessed numerous customers who have given nasty attitudes to the employees for no reason; if you want grade A service then go somewhere posh.

I hate salad and sauce and lost count number of times order stuffed up including local burger shop

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mcdonalds customers are always the best of the best

That's cold...

Atleast your not the employee that got beat up for not giving that psycho her chicken nuggets at midnight.

Woulda told her to choke on a McDick

With McBalls on the side

I'd like to respond with that as well. But if I'm working at McDonalds then I clearly need my McJob.

Everyone refers to McDonald's as 'McDick's' where I'm from