By Nighty-nitrogen - 10/05/2016 00:07 - United States - Hollywood

Today, I was trying to sleep, when I felt someone rattling my bed from underneath. Petrified from shock, I lied there for what felt like hours, waiting for a murderer to spring out. I must've finally fallen asleep, and when I woke up in the morning, I found out it was a minor earthquake. FML
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In situations like this, if it was someone call the police and do Not wait for a murderer to show up.

That's just what they want you to believe.


risher01 16

I bet that must've shaken you up a bit!

In situations like this, if it was someone call the police and do Not wait for a murderer to show up.

You can't always reach the phone in a situation like that.

If you're lucky the police will get to you within 20 minutes. If you are in a huge city or in a rural area it can be hours. The best thing to do is to comply or if you are sure you can adequately defend yourself, defend yourself.

Sometimes you are so scared you aren't able to do what you're supposed to do, like call the police.

If it really was a murderer, you wouldn't have woken up at all. Better to run the hell outta there than lay frozen and fall asleep!

Last time such a small earthquake shook my bed i yelled at my dog because i thought he'd jumped on it. We often have them here and i mistake them for something else every time. Usually figure it out when they're mentioned on tv.

I think you ended up with the best one of those two options.

Suaria 38

Judging from the FML, it was a minor earthquake. On the other hand, if it had been a major earthquake, the OP very well could have died. So either situation the OP could have died.

dbt88 15

Right, but the two things were murderer or minor earthquake. A minor quake shouldn't kill you so OP got the better of the two.

That's just what they want you to believe.

So you were shaken, but not stirred?

The thought of a burgler had you quaking in your boots.. or bed as the case may be. Has no one tauht you that you can lean down and actually look under your bed? It's a great way to find girly magazines, loose change, and all those single socks that seem to come back from the wash no in pairs.

Or a monster. One of their favorite hiding places is under the bed.

I feel you, OP. A similar thing happened to me, once. I was lying in my bed at night, when a small earthquake hit. I knew it was a quake, but I have a huge fear of the dark, so I started thinking paranoid thoughts, and was frozen in terror.

Playing possum is always a smart choice.