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  walmartpaysme  |  15

21 she wouldn't have left a tip no matter how good the service was. Customers like that cannot be pleased and as was stated above OP can't accept the tip because it is against the company policy of most fast-food restaurants. When you work in that environment you go to work, get screamed at for various things you can't control, go home with your minimum wage paycheck, curl into a ball, and cry because when you work in the fast-food industry your life will always suck.

  shyeahh_fml  |  19

Not always. I'm 16 and work fast food because it's mainly a job for teenagers before they complete a degree and all that.
But yeah, it is way more intense than people give it credit for. Fortunately I work at sonic and am allowed to keep my tips :).

  jaredofmo  |  22

Actually, 21, I've worked in fast food and occasionally people who didn't get that this isn't "tipped" work tipped me. Since we didn't do tips, I didn't have to report it. If I put it in my drawer, that would make my drawer have more money than it should. So... Mine!

  missamazinggg  |  12

50- you make a point.
To everyone else, I worked at Wendy's also, depending on your manager you cam keep the tip. My managers "never saw it" when someone would give me a dollar or 2.

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

Very true but someone who was already living on their own may not have anyone around to notice that they may be developing some issues. Someone has to know their is something wrong with you in order for it to be decided that it is no longer safe for you to be left on your own, otherwise you're on your own until something bad happens that creates notice.

  vettle  |  6

Oooo boy when I was in new zealand it was the best ice cream ever! But yes in Canada it's a burger shop with square shaped burgers. I can't get around that.