The cliché is true

By Anonymous - 30/09/2009 21:22 - Canada

Today, I went to a restaurant for lunch. I began to eat when I noticed a blond hair in my food. When that happened, I went up to the counter and began complaining about their hygiene. When the manager insisted no one that works there had long blond hair, I realized that it was my hair. FML
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well, its understandable. you ARE blonde...

So there's a redhead, a brunette, and a blonde....


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What a hairy situation!

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For ***** sake #7... Don't ever try to be funny again...shit, you just ruined this FML for me.

lol I hate bad jokes too but I think the "hairy situation" joke was kinda amusing actually. I mean just cause it's ridiculous. It made me smile

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you're right, all FML comments should be "witty" and sound like they were stolen from a dean cook skit, like all you high schoolers try to do. And then add in "STFU" or "kthxbaii" at the end. and then go take 25256 pictures of yourself at weird angles for your myspace.

^win, btw its Dane Cook

is anyone not surprised this was done by a blond woman

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107 lol

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lol at 7...lame jokes are always the funniest

sweetie, if you're a girl, it's spelled blonde. you know, let's just change it all to blonde because I ******* hate the spelling blond

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it's blonde...not blond

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blonde girls.. tsktsktsk..

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@#117: Honey, the word 'blond' in this FML is referring to the hair, not the girl. So 'blonde' would be incorrect. :)

Actually, blond is make and blonde is female.

at least we know it's natural blonde

Hahahaha. Failll.

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2 is right. this is y Americans are hated all over the world because we r jerks and don't think bfore we make a scene

yup you are right my friend but it seems like op is Canadian?

well, its understandable. you ARE blonde...

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XD, Cue the dumb blonde jokes. EDIT: hmm, i was a little late on this post lol.

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Bravo, miss. Bravo.

Today, a stupid bitch complained about how there was hair in her food at the restaurant I work at. The entire staff spent 3 hours explaining to her that it was her own hair. FML

So there's a redhead, a brunette, and a blonde....

true mexicans dnt have blond hair

Ummmm - is that an assumption on the service staff or what? I read this FML several times, I have no idea WHERE you get Mexican from! Oh, and plenty of Mexicans are blonde. Mexican is naturally the cross between the indigenous and Spanish cultures, so remnants of both societies still remain.

Did you just dye?

Dye it brown, call it artificial intelligence.

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Laughed. so. hard.