By Anonymous - Australia - Croydon
  Today, I was babysitting this 12 year old. We were watching a movie, and he was being an angel just laying with his head in my lap. He fell asleep so I closed my eyes and had a little nap. When I woke up he had taken my shirt off and was feeling up my boobs. FML
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  blackheart24  |  10

Weve already had this discussion, Australians are fucking hot because they are into sports and being fit, combined with their sun tanned bodies and sexy, brain melting accents.

At least Australians stereotype is that they're all sexy as fuck.

  ripresno  |  10

Before I even read the comments I had my friend read this and when he was done reading I said to him like a boss and I flipped out when I saw the first comment

  Tyger44  |  1

Hmm,i live in the gold coast and on a rare chance i get to see these suntanned goddesses you guys are talking about.
.true about the accent,but the macho looking men tend to be just meatheads&the tanned,sun bleached girls tend to be snookie's.
Dont trust the commercials people.dont trust them.

  funnyfiona  |  0

No I wish, I have to like in Australia and all we learn at school is that every other country sucks and that Australians are supreme. oh and every opportunity they brag . Oh and they blame England and America for their mistakes i.e their own racism towards Indigenous Australians. Crazy backwards country!

  colbyuk2002  |  1

No but if they are underage guess who gets called the rapist??

  Everdeath90  |  3

Seriously? People are CONDONING sexual assault? Wtf people, that's just fucking wrong. Also, if I was OP I would prolly slap the kid out if reaction, then I'd rat the little bastard out to his parents because that kind of behaviour is extremely inappropriate and should've dealt with.

  folfg0  |  12

Well.... Op kinda deserves it. How do you not feel someone taking off your shirt? Especially if your asleep? It doesn't say he moved it up, he took her shirt off her body. HOW DO YOU NOT FEEL THAT? He had to move her arms, pull her shirt over her head and arms, then he starts touching her... Sounds a little bit... Fishy.

  chimocho  |  8

26- youre not supposed to leave a kid at home if they're not mature enough. NSPCC says most children 12 or under aren't mature enough to be home alone, and that no child under 16 should be left home alone over night. So lots of 12 year olds will still have babysitters.

  aruam365  |  24

62- I disagree. If my 12 year old wanted to lay their head in my lap, I'd be fine with that. There are very unfortunate circumstances when a parent will sexually abuse their child but in most cases there is absolutely no sexual aspect to a child laying their head in a parent's lap and is completely appropriate and acceptable.

  aruam365  |  24

132- The year that it says I was born in on my profile is incorrect. You saying I wouldn't know what I would do is quite ignorant, I certainly have beliefs about raising my children that sure as hell won't be changing. EVER. Also, I never said that it should be a constant thing, but a child will and can develop perfectly normally even if they snuggle up with their parents sometimes. If you think it's going to stunt a child's development to cuddle up with their parents on occasion, then you know nothing of raising a child well. My cousin is a child development specialist, and he happens to be visiting me. I showed him your comment, he laughed.

  xStaciexLynnx  |  15

139- I agree with you. The only thing is I think it's different when it's your child and when you're the babysitter. I wouldn't want to be in that position with a 12 year old boy, especially with the way our society. Who knows what parents would say if they came home (even if your shirt WAS on) and saw that. Some people are insane. You can be as loving as you'd like with your own children but it's shaky with others' children.

  aruam365  |  24

145- I agree. I think it only should be a parent or a very close relative. I would be okay with my niece or nephew did and I think my sister would be fine with it too but other than an extremely close relative I don't think it's a
good idea.

  ksackal91  |  0

What does a twelve year old laying on their parents lap have anything to do with a twelve year old laying on a baby sisters lap? I do believe the two are completely different.

However I do agree, how could you not feel the kid taking off your shirt even if it was a button up. Kinda odd.

  Potterfreakk  |  6

I'm 12 years old, I don't lay in my parents lap, but I guess it's not weird if I did. But lay in your babysitters lap is just weird... Plus you honestly shouldn't need a babysitter at age 12 either.. And yuppp, boys my age are disgusting.

  Lil_Red777  |  21

#252 aren't you a little young for this site? And if you think boys are disgusting now you shouldn't date when you get older. They rarely get any better if anything they get worse.

By  CrazyGirl445  |  4

doesn't matter. got felt up