By Anonymous - 18/7/2020 23:02

Delayed proposal

Today, my girlfriend found the engagement ring I bought and assumed it was a late birthday present. She’s now wearing it on her right hand like a signet ring and she somehow hasn’t figured out it’s a diamond and not a Swarovski. I'm now waiting for her to figure it out before I pop the question. FML
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By  wysegirl  |  20

I'm not sure if she is playing you or if she is just clueless.. Good luck this could be a sign of what may be in your future.

By  Jonkbaby  |  20

Go for a walk somewhere and when you two are relaxed, ask to see the ring. Say that it is like who it is for, meant for a special moment in time, and say it's right now. Then get on your knee and then look her in the eye and pop the question