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  PIGaming  |  21

Times are tough and getting ever tougher, so I dont want to risk losing my job and being unemployed. I have reported my manager, and she is being investigated by OH&S. So I wouldnt really classify myself as jellyfish...

  jazzy_123  |  20

it bugs me when people say things like that. 'Stick up for yourself, don't let them push you around, that's not of your nature Jazmin' Yeah well tines are tough and it's extremely hard for a 19 year old to find a job right now. I am not going to try to be a 'badass' and risk losing my job.

Sometimes you have to learn to deal with it... specially if it's dealing with someone who has authority over you and is allowing you to bring food to the table.

By  Wizardo  |  33

If its from one of your kitchen crew then maybe, especially of you're a head chef should be making sure hygiene is in tip top condition. If not then a series of unfortunate events.

  sweetest_jenn  |  18

YouTube video. super weird asian kid with an Australian accent and likes to cross dress and make rad videos that you want to hate but can't ;) this one is called My Sister (I believe) and I've watched it like 7 times lol.

By  LifeMD  |  14

That sucks, sorry op. Is there another person there with that type of hair? I know it's not your fault but someone has to take responsibility for letting that slip through; even if it was an accident.

  dannnngthatsux  |  19

No one "has" to take the blame, BUT if it's anyone's, it's the manager's. He's paid to take the blame, fix the problem and collect the check. (20+ years in food preparation. 10 in supervisory positions.)
My job was to make customers, corporate and employees happy, make sure problems don't reoccur and train my replacement. Sounds like this "manager" is failing at most if not all of this.

Watch for more weasel behavior, and if you see it find another place.