By anonymous - United States - Crossville
Today, while working the drive-thru at work, an older woman asked for my phone number to give to her single son. After I politely declined, she called me a slut and threw her food at me through the window before promptly speeding off. FML
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  Xamry14  |  10

Trust me. Free food from the place your work isnt really that desirable. We normally get it anyway from our employee meal. It gets icky after a while because (assuming here) fast food worker = broke = have to eat employee meal every day on top of making/serving it all day = everything taste like kitty litter.

In this situation at the moment along with all my coworkers.....

  Welshite  |  39

Or the mother is. I've actually had this happen to me when a customer brought his adult son to my workplace (I worked in retail) and proudly introduced us. We shook hands and just sort of stared at each other without knowing what to say. It was horribly awkward. Parents can sometimes be too overzealous when it comes to finding partners for their children.

  AlyNStarburst  |  15

Could very well just be the parent. My sister and I were on the side of the road with a flat tire. My mom showed up to help and so did a guy who wanted to ask if we were okay and if we needed his help. My mom asked how old he was, asked for his number and kept talking good things about my sister.


Well it doesn't say.
Maybe she has Ninja like reflexes and dodged the food which then hit her boss, who happened to be right behind her, the boss then blamed her for the mess and fired her.

  ZombieSazza  |  34

This happens a LOT!

When I've been out volunteering, at a bar, private messaging, anywhere really, and someone asks me out it goes like this:

"Wanna go on a date sometime?"
"I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to politely decline..."
"FUCKING SLUT! You're fucking ugly, who would go out with you anyway?!?"

Like..... You asked me on a date, now I'm somehow an ugly slut? Okay.....

Welcome to today's logic!

  EwahWeeWah  |  21

That sucks, I hate the fact that women still have to deal with this shit. It's 2016, it's been millennia since human life started, we should be way more progressive.