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Today, while talking to my boyfriend, he got upset and accused me of making up words to make him feel stupid. All because I used the word "vapid." FML
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Main Entry: va·pid Pronunciation: ˈva-pəd, ˈvā- Function: adjective Etymology: Latin vapidus flat-tasting; akin to Latin vappa flat wine and perhaps to Latin vapor steam Date: circa 1656 : lacking liveliness, tang, briskness, or force : flat, dull From the Merriam-Webster online dictionary

Well look at that, FML just helped me increase my vocabulary.

We all felt stupid till someone googled it. I'm sure most of us had no idea. I say ydi to Op for using such a scarse word.

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nobody here watched The House Bunny? no? :(

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I knew the word, but I always thought it meant 'air-headed' or 'superficial'. That's how it's generally used in 'get off my lawn' articles.

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There's no reason to feel stupid. I read a lot and I know a lot of words, but I've never heard the word "vapid" before. Now that I've googled it, though, I won't forget it. The OP's boyfriend, however, is stupid for thinking his girlfriend was making words up.

Really? Vapid was the word that made him feel intellectually stunted? People should read more. And by that I mean actual books... not Facebook updates.

I am an avid reader and while I had heard the word vapid before, I had no idea what it meant. And I don't use Facebook. I don't care about other people's lives enough to use it lol

dalink: Any form of reading is a good form of reading. Some people find it too difficult to become engrossed into a novel and if it weren't for things like Facebook, those people would probably be far less in tune with the art of the English language.

187 - Yes, because Facebook is truly an area where the art of the English language is on full display.

192 It's ok, I'm sure you taste just fine

You weren't describing your sex life, where you?

Vapid is a great word... The fact that many on here didn't know the term makes me a little sad and wonder if half the words I use fly over most people.

- "You look pensive." -- "Damn, I was going for thoughtful."

Why would you do that? He already is one

Guy:Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me Bully:(beats him with a dictionary)

66 - even if that made sense, it still wouldn't have been funny

AllyyK 9

#66 What does that even mean? He's already a dictionary?! According to the FML he is definitely NOT a dictionary. I think you're just trying too hard to be funny, but sadly it's just not working out for you. Nice try though, I guess?

olpally 32

What a dumb ass. Lol wow. Good luck with him op.

Well dippy damn, I feel insulted. I wasn't familiar with that term either.

olpally 32

Thanks for being snarky. Didn't need to talk that way, ass cricket. :)

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Ass cricket? Don't you think you could have came up with something better because your vocabulary seems to be very high

olpally 32

Stop giving me attitude. Like I care what you think?? Thumb it down you twat.

Oooooooh! He has comebacks for days!!

olpally 32

Not really, I'm sick and tired of people attacking my comments regardless if they sound smart or stupid as this one. It got buried, move on. I'm done defending myself. Good day. I'll move onto the next fml. Laterz.

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Lol olpally.. you sound a little butt-hurt..

Now now olpally, no need to ejaculate your phrases to intellects at a higher grade than your own, you're just proving yourself to be a fool and a coward at the use of your bad tongue. When you can brighten up and stop being so vapid then we will listen. Until then, go back to lurking in you dwelling you half bred invertebrate.

Oh sorry, let me speak in your iq range. "Troll need go home now, troll is mad. Troll need leave now."

CharresBarkrey 15

Woah woah woah. How was 12 being snarky?

olpally 32

I'm at work right now and if you think I'm a troll, I have a thousand more comments than you do, I'm a regular here. FYI. Thank you for insulting me even further to make you feel better about yourself. Just made my day(sarcasm). If you look at other fml's, I'm normally not this mean. Working on Saturday night doesn't help. Thanks.

Didn't you just say "I'm done defending myself. Good day. I'll move onto the next fml."? So why the **** are you back here whining like a little baby? Better question: why are you on FML, and not actually WORKING, since you're at work right now?

olpally 32

A lot of people are usually on fml at work. Its slow at work, thats why. Thanks for reminding me to leave. I apologize for being an asshole and a douche nozzle. Tonight was not my night for commenting, I'll be back tomorrow with less anger hopefully. Cheers.

I wonder how your boss would feel if he knew you were trolling on FML...

Who gives a shit how many comments you have?

I think asscurtain is a better word than asscricket

You sound like a giant douchebag, olpally. Who made you almighty master of the best comments ever? How dare anyone contest you

In his defense, olpally usually has pretty good comments and is not such a dick. I don't know what got into him today, because that comment was not snarky, and he just got worse from there. As far as the Fml, it all depends. If he didn't know the word, and she said "what are you stupid" that's one thing. But if she just explained it and he threw a temper tantrum, then FHL.

Wow, don't think I've seen someone trashed so much in a long time on this site. The odd thing is, half the 'bashers' here are just following a crowd. Happens every time when someone is humiliated. Sad really.

Why did this even start, the boyfriend was clearly being a dumbass by reacting that way simply because she was using words out of his vocabulary...

I thoroughly enjoyed this. I do feel bad for poor olpally though. We've all been there.

I find it hilarious that every single one of #4's comments were buried. Try again, asshat.

"Stop giving me an attitude" because saying that on the internet will do magic. Let me get this straight, you are a 26 year old guy, who bitches about people correcting his grammar and spelling on this site in his bio. And he want people to stop giving him attitude? You good sir are in fact a little cry baby. I don't mean to offend, it's just the picture this all conveys.

137- The only reason I'm thumbing you down is because you "don't mean to offend" after you only just insulted him. I would've totally agreed with you, otherwise.

#4 Shut your mouth. For one, I am not an asscricket, I'm a mother ******* pony. Plus, your douche bag personality comes out a little more with every damn comment you say. So please my dearest olpolly, stop.

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#53/54_Winky's tail is wagging! Wish comments could be favorited. Finally, someone sent troll boy to the Troll Gallows :)

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are you a white pony? (Dirty Love for those who haven't seen it)

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Maybe you should get him a dictionary for Christmas, it'll come in handy!

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I had an ex like that. Move on! You'll be better off.

Ummm i even donno wat 'Vapid' is and or so many english words.... That means my girlfriend should move on. Only because i am not born and grown in English env. Lol nice suggestion.

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37: I'm not sure if you meant to use "vapid" incorrectly, or if the irony of that is just too perfect.

tj5810 21

I'm actually suggesting that she should move on because it seems that OPs boyfriend will take his insecurities and turn them into an argument. That's not OPs fault.

kathryn14 19

Look, everyone here knows you made that word up..