By dude, where's my balls? :( - 22/12/2012 20:25 - United States - Anchorage

Today, my mom and I went to Best Buy for some Christmas shopping. She picked up some presents for me and told me not to look at what she was buying. When we got to the register, she didn't have enough money, and I ended up having to buy my own presents. FML
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I hope she was getting you a pair of balls

Well now you can guess what you got based on the price.


Well now you can guess what you got based on the price.

Or by checking the receipt, provided that OP can understand those abbreviations.

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I bet the Mom feels awful. Don't be too hard on her.

I'm sure the mother will pay her back also. The mom had the intent of paying for them, so i doubt the mom would let OP go in rewarded or uncompensated.

Wow, what a way to say merry christmas

Hard times everywhere. Be grateful you have family.

Harry potter?

Merry Christmas!

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Well, merry Christmas, I guess. Lol.

Your mom ruined Christmas! FYL, OP!

At least OP is still getting presents

They're not really presents if OP payed for them...

No. The grinch ruined Christmas, the mom simply made their kid buy their own gifts. Or at least partially buy.

I hope she was getting you a pair of balls

That's why I always leave when stuff is being paid for by someone else. I don't want the embarrassment of not having enough. That, and I don't want to have to help pay.

There's this magical word called 'no.'

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7, you're an asshole. If your mother needed help to buy groceries and you had money, you just walk away because you don't want to help pay? Greedy bastard. You were taken care of for 18yr. If you did not want to pay for your own presents then, hmmm idk, buy them if you can and return them later and get your money back so your mother doesn't have to be so embarrassed.

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O.o ___

Bummer! The struggle out here.

If she's having financial troubles, she shouldn't get stuff she can't afford.

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What a troll mom.

a troll mom? What is it?

Do an internets, you'll see

Hopefully she pays you back! If she doesn't I'd say she planned it to get you to pay, it's just too perfect.