By uglyorstupid - 20/04/2010 16:46 - Croatia

Today, my boyfriend and I were at a restaurant with a few other couples, and my boyfriend started to rant on how "all the hot chicks are dumb." Apparently, I'm either ugly or stupid. FML
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DJuan 0

don't take that personally. the gf is never included in such rants


debiasio69696969 0

awww maybe your both

3DLoli 0

He just wants dat pootang.

what about just paranoid?

you_and_me_fml 8

aww. stupid boyss.

RODEOqueen 0

How does that prove it's fake? I hear guys express the same opinion all the time... All hot girls are bimbos. It's an opinion, one that isn't true, but it's still real.

JamesM9794 0

maybe you're avg

SarinaBoBina 0

he's the stupid one lol

nobody cares about ur gf 21?

YDI for thinking you could be hot and smart at once

lol from craotia hahahahahhha

FunnyWeasel 7

Happy 420!

gzmn91 6

Agreed #12 OP sounds like she's sensitive about everything her bf says

where does space end?

does not being hot also include pretty or anything other than ugly?

jamesSIII 0

Fuck me? Okay...though not sure why I deserve it.

or, maybe you are above average. christ why do you women think there are only two level of attractiveness? there's: out of the league hot fine cute average meh tappable still tappable and paper bag o your boyfriend is shallow. either way, you are overreacting.

Pearljammer001 0

heeeeeeeeeeeey that's not nice :)

He didn't really mean it like that... dumbass

Pearljammer001 0

not where that comment belongs, but nice rating system "still tappable" hahahaha ftw it's probably illegal to say stuff like that

obviously ugly since you figured it out...

facingforeverr 0

thwe answer is to smojke some weed my friend. maybe you'll look beter if your botth high HAPPY 420 EvERYBIDY

KraziiBabii 0

Well if he was talking about you, you'd be ugly because your smart enough to figure this shit out. But how bout you smoke some weed, it'll be all good. Happy 4-20!

haha innever thought there were that many haha

OP's boyfriend: *opens mouth* *inserts foot*

lol 66 that's mean but funny

12 is right your reading too much into this. And it's annoying

zach511 0

You're forgetting 'double bag.' Right below 'paper bag,' in which you wear one too in case hers falls off.

aww that sucks op.

gregar00 1

or both

according to your parameters you must be hot cause you're not smart enough to figure out the scenario. although you could be ugly AND stupid.

tsc32 2

dang 110! you're cute

phreshboi 1

#44 space cannot end, it is never ending, according to the the theory of space and time, it is unlimted and thus impossible to calculate. plus the added factors of wind, heat, humidity, and others, it is virtually impossible to calculate. I don't know Shiite, I was hoping I sounded smart :) and OP maybe your the odd exception?

127 i am now smarter than i was 5 minutes ago. nicee fact! haha

..."Wind"?!? Seriously?

Maybe you are both.

jakeidk 0

whatever get over it ughh

maybe he doesn't think you're hot. suck it p princess. not all women are

you're kinda right - the universe had no end because it sort of doubles back on itself so if you traveled to the end of the universe and carried on in a straight line you would arrive where you started As for wind and humidity, space is a vaccuum so there's nothing there

I was gonna post that. and it seems likely.

DuckOnAStick 0

#5 your ugly and probably stupid too.

kitkat216 0

All the hot chicks are dumb doesn't necessarily mean that all the smart chicks are ugly... maybe that's what he thinks of you?

Just for ur second comment, I find that statement "hot chicks are stupid quite true."

so are you if you haven't figured out you're = you are, and your is used before possessive nouns

DJuan 0

don't take that personally. the gf is never included in such rants

korn247 5

you're over exaggerating, ugly!! lol.

korn247 5

^^ just kidding, but maybe you are over exaggerating.

i agree with #33. HAH.

that's sucks. my girlfriend is Croatian

i agree with #2 ....however she may be ugly bcz it did take some smarts for her 2 notice that and come 2 that conclusion

AdidasoverNike 0

Kick him in his balls so hard it looks like he has three Adams apples

debiasio69696969 0

Agressive ;)

xhxhxhhhxhhx 0

you're a toolshed

just cause ur not hot doesn't mean ur ugly.

Jrook 0

gj 67 fail at a comment. you should have put the irrelevant comment under #1

you know what they say about blondes ;)

Sharp as a marble.

Melaniee_fml 0

haha (:

jamesSIII 0

That comment doesn't make him sound too bright, to be honest.

AdidasoverNike 0

fake and gay

debiasio69696969 0

**** you

AdidasoverNike 0

really sounds nice

debiasio69696969 0

what part of **** you

AdidasoverNike 0

prob tha **** part but tha you part dosent sound to bad

it does sound nice :)

eagertoknow 0

greetings from croatia :) men don't mean that stuff so literally, so don't worry. baš je fora vidjeti još nekog iz zagreba ovdje :)

pozdrav iz australija :)

FYLDeep 25

He's just betting his money that you're too dumb and ugly to go looking for a new guy.

*insert something about calling the kettle black* what a douchebag

ydi for automatically assuming you're hot.

how is saying "either I'm ugly..." saying that she's hot?