By uglyorstupid - 20/4/2010 16:46 - Croatia
Today, my boyfriend and I were at a restaurant with a few other couples, and my boyfriend started to rant on how "all the hot chicks are dumb." Apparently, I'm either ugly or stupid. FML
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  SubjectX  |  0

or, maybe you are above average. christ why do you women think there are only two level of attractiveness?

out of the league
still tappable
and paper bag

o your boyfriend is shallow. either way, you are overreacting.

  KraziiBabii  |  0

Well if he was talking about you, you'd be ugly because your smart enough to figure this shit out.

But how bout you smoke some weed, it'll be all good.
Happy 4-20!

  phreshboi  |  1

#44 space cannot end, it is never ending, according to the the theory of space and time, it is unlimted and thus impossible to calculate. plus the added factors of wind, heat, humidity, and others, it is virtually impossible to calculate.

I don't know Shiite, I was hoping I sounded smart :) and OP maybe your the odd exception?

  salty66  |  0

you're kinda right - the universe had no end because it sort of doubles back on itself so if you traveled to the end of the universe and carried on in a straight line you would arrive where you started

As for wind and humidity, space is a vaccuum so there's nothing there