By Gus - 30/11/2012 19:30 - Canada - Richmond

Today, my girlfriend confronted me for forgetting to take the trash out. At some point during the argument, I tried to calm her down, and the words "I should of" escaped my lips. She spent the next ten minutes calling me stupid and laughing at how my grammar goes to hell when I'm distressed. FML
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I have a feeling this will be one of the most grammatically-corrected threads in the history of FML. That should serve as fair warning to all the "ur" idiots out there.

I think saying it is fine since it sounds like "should've." Your girlfriend sounds like a bitch, OP.


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lol sorry OP but as much as I'm not a grammar nazi most of the time; if you can't even use proper grammar while writing an FML about being insulted for not using proper grammar, then you clearly deserved it.

OP, "I should of" sounds just like "I should've" (when said aloud), which is grammatically correct. You should've just made her feel like the **** she is. I would've.

24, there's a chance that since they were arguing that he might have separated his words more like, "I. SHOULD. OF." in which case it would have been more noticeable, but that doesn't really mean that the girl should have flipped. In verbal conversation, usually you can let the little things slide.

I'm noth a grammar nazi buth I thoo hade wen peopal make simpel stupid misthakes and mess up "there, their, your, you're, should of"

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Not* but* though* hate* when* people* simple* mistakes*, I can see why you do not consider yourself a grammar nazi.

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101, 92 wasn't being serious, apparently it wasn't very obvious though.

36-I love it when you say you love it but you don't.

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@101, that's Nazi with a capital N. :3 I feel sorry for people who make a big fuss about words and stuff. If that's what you gotta stoop to to make yourself feel clever...

Problem with that being that she would continue the fight simply because he corrected her... Some women have a hard time accepting being wrong, but have no problem pointing out when others are

I believe some people do not realize that commas are a part of grammar. It's sad.

See, I can hear a distinct difference between "should of" and "should've." I'm not saying that OP's girlfriend should have called him stupid, but they are quite different.

says the person who doesn'tknow how to spell descent

Actually, it sounds like it's time to take the garbage bin to the curb.

"Oh your girlfriend made fun of your grammar, time to dump her" nice train of thought.

Maybe 2 is right though. It's never a good thing when someone degrades/puts you down/makes you feel bad. Assuming this happens a lot. Every good relationship requires respect, or it IS NOT worth it.

I agree with 39, while a little ribbing and teasing is allowed, outright mockery of a person (to their face, no less!) is so rude and disrespectful!

Oops, that was supposed to go in 6's thread.

Don't you think that's a little excessive? Granted we don't have any background info readily available.

I have a feeling this will be one of the most grammatically-corrected threads in the history of FML. That should serve as fair warning to all the "ur" idiots out there.

20: Yeah, and can claim she misheard you in case you didn't say should've like you should've.

#20-some people think contractions are not proper grammar, so either way he would be "wrong"

20 - it depends on how pronounced the "uh" between the "should" and the "v" was.

Look in the moderates. It is like grammar took the highway to hell and burned.

Doc, but you misplaced a hyphen! :p You are completely correct about this FML, however. The grammar Nazis have come out to play.

I just say here for about five minutes saying "should of" and "should've" out loud and they really do sound exactly the same. The girlfriend sounds like the kind of person who always has to be right even when she's not.

That hyphen is fine. It's not strictly necessary, but some people put that sort of hyphen in.

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Should have taken the garbage out, OP!

That is the first time I've seen the word "Nazis" immediately followed by a smiley face.

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I think 58 was talking to 6, who I am guessing is correcting 1.

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A correction within a correction inside a correction. Where's the kick?

76- *slow-mo opera plays* Bruuummm Bbrrruuuuuuummmmmm BBBBRRRRRRUUUUUUMMMMMMM!!!!!

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How did you say the same thing as the person under you, yet yours was the one no one agreed with?

The FML community is full of strange thumbers.

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I had trouble figuring out what he did wrong. "I should of" is used all the time by millions of people. I am guessing she was grasping for straws. "I should have" is not a big enough deal to throw a fit over.

I think saying it is fine since it sounds like "should've." Your girlfriend sounds like a bitch, OP.

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^ this. How else would you pronounce should've?

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16- The girlfriend was probably expecting him to say "should have". That's the only way I can think of that would've caused her to flip out about it.

She shouldn't be calling him stupid and laughing at him, though. That's really mean. :(

16 - 'should of' is pronounced 'should ov' but 'should've' is pronounced 'should ugh-v'. Though really, it takes no extra effort to say 'should have' and a lot of people autocorrect and pronounce 'should've' as 'should have' anyway as, after all, we only abbreviate things to make them quicker/easier to say and there's not much difference between the two.

Yes. So little difference in fact that someone stopping to laugh at it in the middle of an argument must be a petty bitch.

126 - I never said OP's girl was justified. She IS a petty bitch, I'm not supporting her. I was just replying to 8 and 16.

Aww **** I can tell already this thread is going to be covered with douchey grammar Nazis.

If she really knows grammar, she should know that "should of" has no difference in pronunciation from grammatically correct "should've"

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Some people have incredibly high levels of hearing. My grandmother could hear me listening to music on my iPod on the earbuds (volume 60%) whilst I was upstairs, and she was downstairs. I have no doubt that some people can hear the difference in should of and should've, especially when there's a slight pause in should of as opposed to should've being mashed into one.

Sorry but I think 'f' and 've' are pronounced differently. It sounds similar but it's not the same.