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Today, my boyfriend and I got into a huge fight. What was it over? He accused me of pronouncing MY name wrong. FML
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Hahahahahaha oh wow. Yeah he's not worth it


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Hahahahahaha oh wow. Yeah he's not worth it

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Considering he can't even remember your name

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Wow, how do you get into a situation like that? Must be 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will....

For those who don't know, 18 was making a reference to Fort Minor. And OP, if he honestly doesn't believe you about your own name, he's probably not worth it

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Today, my EXboyfriend and I got into a huge fight. yeah, that sounds a lot better. =)

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18. I never comment really. But I had too. Awesome comment. Perfect with the FML

26 - You forgot to point out that the song name is Remember the Name.

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Don't you hate it when people accuse you of saying something when you didnt. Im pretty sure I know what I said, you must not have been listening,

Let me give it the old phonetic try... uh - none - e - muss

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OP, what the **** is your name? Ana?

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No, your name actually IS bitchpantsmcCrabby.

5% pleasure 50% pain and 100% reason to remember the name.

it could be an exaggeration by OP I don't think its fair to automatically conclude That the best route is a break up

If they argue over something as ridiculously stupid as this, then it might be for the better to dump him and move on...

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75- no no no you forgot that the Ys and Os are silent.

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**** why did my comment end up here...?! it was for the 75 on the first post... who is apparently no longer 75.... damn you fml.

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ssoccerchick97 16

You gotta say it all excited and loudly. ;]

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Haha no sorry your imagination gone crazy you made up a internet site that people post crazy things happened to them. And worst part is you are still sleeping and dreaming about this imaginary site. Now my young padawan wake up and face sith lords waiting for you clon wars didnt over yet!!

Really? Guess your bf has been pronouncing your name wrong for quite a while but you just never caught on until he tried to correct you. Weird.

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I can only imagine the awkward silence after your boyfriend realizes he's been pronouncing your name wrong.

It sounds like he would be too stubborn to even admit that HE's wrong.

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And you are dating this guy WHY? Now were, I hope.

Run for the hills billy, ann's on the moose!

Haha I wish I could delete my poorly made above pun I haven't slept for like 36 hours

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Well if you guys have been going out for a while, he's probably said it wrong for a long time...why not say anything before?