By Anonymous - Canada
Today, my mother, her fiancé, and I were having dinner together. My mother was joking that she wasn't sure she could hold him down, as he used to "get around." She turned to talk to the waiter and my future step-father looked me up and down and winked. FML
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  yadisingh  |  5

I'm just wondering why you put a space between the '.' and the '!'. Or even why you put a space before the period? Or why you used a period and an exclamation mark.

  EpicSquishii  |  21

Tom and Jerry....? Is that a reference to the cat-and-mouse game that this old pervert is purportedly planning to play (that's fun to say aloud) wirh his future step-daughter?


The difference is that, when he will catch her the ending might get a bit different [kinky] then in the cartoon. ;) [wink] ;) [wink] - if you know what He (future stepdad) mean..