By Anonymous - 18/11/2011 11:17 - Canada

Today, my mother, her fiancé, and I were having dinner together. My mother was joking that she wasn't sure she could hold him down, as he used to "get around." She turned to talk to the waiter and my future step-father looked me up and down and winked. FML
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Dirty... Step daddy likes to keep it in the family.

You should make some kind of epic objection at the wedding.


Dirty... Step daddy likes to keep it in the family.

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Says the lady who is kissing by force a rather unhappy kid..

scarryyyy!!!! D:

Pretty sure that's a bit different from twice her age (at least) step daddy trying to ride the mother daughter train.

130- that's the joke 2 was making >< !!! :P

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Pervert . ! Runnnnnnn

You can run but you can't hide..

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I'm just wondering why you put a space between the '.' and the '!'. Or even why you put a space before the period? Or why you used a period and an exclamation mark.

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Isn't It sharing is caring ? Not the other way around.

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I had it that way originally, but changed it. It makes sense both ways. It's like a double sided ***** during a game of tug-o-war.

Lmfao i love you

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Thats just messed up

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Sounds like your going to have a funny life since he moves in. Reminds me of a cartoon "Tom&Jerry".

Tom and Jerry....? Is that a reference to the cat-and-mouse game that this old pervert is purportedly planning to play (that's fun to say aloud) wirh his future step-daughter?

While "wirh" is also fun to say aloud, it was a definite fail on my part... ***with

Alliteration is fun.

GoodLookingGeese 10

The difference is that, when he will catch her the ending might get a bit different [kinky] then in the cartoon. ;) [wink] ;) [wink] - if you know what He (future stepdad) mean..

Aaaaaaand this is when you laughingly bring it to moms attention. Id rather make sure she knew without looking like a drama monger.

You should make some kind of epic objection at the wedding.

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He's not going to have to go very far to get around, then, is he? ;)

Interesting,.......Very interesting.