By Popscene - 26/09/2012 09:06 - Australia - Gold Coast

Today, my boyfriend and I got into an argument; however, his new-found passion for hardcore rapping meant that he tried to "diss" me using bad rhymes and ill thought-out putdowns. It was ridiculous, and didn't really make any sense, so I started giggling. He stormed off, grumbling. FML
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perdix 29

You're not thinking of reproducing with this hipster poseur, are you? The world can't take another Vanilla Ice.


White boys can't rap. Trust me, I've tried!

Next time he tries that just give him the old "D-d-d-d-dumped!"

So... Because they had an argument like any normal couple does from time to time, OP should dump him? I would like to know where all these "dump him" people are finding their perfect relationships.

"They had an argument like any normal couple does???" Care to explain what about this lovers' quarrel was normal?

icrest80 4

9: I have to disagree. The OP SHOULD dump her bf, not because of the argument, but because he's a ridiculous fool.

17, everyone is different. Almost every argument is because one of the the two is being a moron.

Yes, but normal people don't attempt to engage in a rap duel when arguing with their significant other. That was the point.

42 - it's obvious 9 meant all couples fight generally, not the way you're trying to interpret it.

Wow. I have to be really direct with this crowd, huh? Apparently subtly is lost on you people. It's pretty obvious that 2 is saying OP should dump her boyfriend not because the couple had an argument but because of the ridiculous way the boyfriend engaged in the argument. Sorry, 2, but it looks like your "D-d-d-d-dumped" insinuation is just too high brow for the FML community. Personally, I don't think it's particularly funny, but at least I understood it. Geez. I guess now we both know better than to overestimate these guys.

BeforeItWasCool 12

60- I'm pretty sure we all understood the joke. The thumbs down are due to the lack of quality in the joke. Try not to be so up yourself: implying that you're superior to everyone here just makes you look like an asshole. You don't have some upperclass sense of humour we're all ignorant of. Also, some couples just aren't conventional, an argument like that may not be "normal" for you, but normal for other couples and not requiring a break up.

66, I never said I agreed that OP should dump her boyfriend, and in fact I don't. I was simply pointing out that people, including 9, misunderstood why 2 said she should dump her boyfriend, and yes, I stand by my assertion that 9 and others misunderstood what 2 meant. This isn't the first time I've seen FML commenters misunderstand a comment that isn't totally straightforward. It's really a common problem. I was expecting to get thumbed down for my comment (and this one) pointing it out, but I calls 'em as I sees 'em, and I don't apologize for that.

You're an asshole gracehi. It's cool to just insult everyone because you don't get what they are saying to you. *(sarcasm)*

BeforeItWasCool 12

You call them as you see them, so do I.

70, Well at least we have that in common. Good day to you, ma'am.

BeforeItWasCool 12

72, how do you misunderstand the words "dump him"? No one misunderstood. 2 meant that OP should dump the bf because he chose to rap his argument. MY point was no one is perfect. So he's got some quirks? Everyone does. That doesn't mean you dump them.

You said, "So because they had an argument like any normal couple she should dump him?" Sorry but you addressed the argument but not the way it was delivered. I agree that this incident isn't necessarily cause to dump him, but the issue isn't that they argued, but that the boyfriend argued by rapping...poorly...and then pouted like a child when his girlfriend laughed at him like the fool he was. And there is nothing "normal" about that, my friend.

95, I very clearly addressed the way it was delivered. I said it was stupid. My point was normal couples fight an when you are angry you can do some pretty stupid things. Rapping at her is a lot better than beating the shit out of her. There are many reasons to dump someone but this isn't it.

LiterOfCola 16

Stfu gracehi. I truly get sad every time I see you comment on an fml

I wish there was a "he totally deserves it button." Hopefully his loss will help him recognize his stupidity.

klovemachine 24

Rap battle! Your response was the correct one.

Kn0wledge123 21

She should have told him that he has a Rick Ross stomach and a Precious neck.

It's kinda funny because I had a similar situation where I got so angry I started rapping my insults while in a room full of black people, (I'm mixed) and got tons of compliments. That was about 2 years ago and they still remember that moment to this day.

Kn0wledge123 21

Impromptu rap battles are always awesome.

52 - way to push stereotypes of black people.

joethebiden 8

The fact that you would refer to someone like that as your "boyfriend" is mind-boggling.

Don't worry, op, I would laugh too. Maybe he will see how horrible he is at it and change gears. Good luck with your "homeboy".

perdix 29

You're not thinking of reproducing with this hipster poseur, are you? The world can't take another Vanilla Ice.

trippythehippy 6

Ice ice baby to clone..... Yea ok shoot me now

loserboii 11

You never know perdix, this guy may be the next Eminem!

Yea most famous and successful people usually fail in their early lives

TotalWin 0

Urban culture is the bane of society. Since he bandwagoned, I'd say get someone who can get a job, not "f*ck b*tchz, git muney"

"Urban culture" is a euphemism for "black culture". You racist?

He didn't discriminate against a race, he is against a certain culture, whether a certain amount of people from a race follow this culture is irrelevant.. Therefore, not racist. It is like saying 'I hate chavs'.

Kn0wledge123 21

The real problem is that he stereotypes urban culture as inferior and "get money **** bitches". He relies on the association fallacy because many HBCU students are adherents of urban culture. Last I checked, they usually get very good jobs.

32, Why are you assuming "urban culture" is synonymous with black culture? You racist? I grew up in suburbia, but I did volunteer community service in the poorest of the poorest urban community in my area, and there were actually very few black people there. Most of them were Latin American, and yes there were even some white people there. And yes, black, white, or latino, most of them shared a similar attitudes and style.

Well when you combine "f beez git money" with your views of "urban culture" it's pretty obvious what he means. Total Loss.

^ Are you suggesting that only black people talk like that, or listen to music with such lyrics? I assure you that also is untrue. I'm just saying you shouldn't throw around accusations of racism arbitrarily. It trivializes the issue.

agonydrum 7

Not all black people talk like that, only idiots who embrace an urban ideal do

^ EXACTLY. Good point. And yes, I also know many black people, and not one of them speaks like that. So who is really being prejudice here if you assume that 1) Only black people are in the "Urban Culture." 2) Black people can only be members of the "Urban Culture." Seriously, it's not as if there are no black people who not only live, but fit into, suburban and rural communities.

He's probably some dumb kid who lives in the suburbs and only thinks he's gangsta because the "hood" is only 3 blocks away, which gives him the false sense of thug life

#62, Sorry, but that's naive. Just because it wasn't true in your direct experience doesn't mean it isn't the common interpretation. Ever hear the term "dog whistle"?

91, I was simply pointing out that the generalization if is incorrect. There's nothing nieve about that. In fact, I know several black people who do not want to be associated with urban culture.

Kn0wledge123 21

The problem I'm still having is that some of you seem to think there's a problem with urban culture at all. Not all adherents of urban culture are about "poppin da nine" or "gettin hoes". That's a stereotype in of itself. And to be clear, I understand the why the stereotype exists. At the same time, we wouldn't say Latino culture is all about Coronas and low riders.

That also is an excellent point. It's true that the term "urban culture" by definition would refer to any culture that exists in cities, and really, there are so many vastly differing cultures within any given city that it's impossible to really define the "urban culture." I think he was really pointing to the rap industry and possibly the American ghetto culture with which it's often associated. And I have to agree, in my opinion, that the rap industry does seem to have a negative effect on our society. It often glorifies violence and disrespect toward women. Although I am of course generalizing again. I'm admittedly not very familiar with rap music (as I don't much care for it) and I'm sure that not every artist produces such songs.

TheDrifter 23

99, of course it's not. Have you tried their food? Having grown up in SoCal I can say for sure that low riders and food are the cornerstones of a rich culture, and Corona is for tourists. Dos Equis is a far better beer.

Better take his ass back to the trailer park in 8 mile where you found him.

So can Eminem, who is the guy he's referring to, however, that's only 2 people. Then you have Jay-Z, Kanye West, Busta Ryhmes, Ice-Cube, LL Cool J, 2-Pac, B.I.G, etc etc... Who are all black.

dominic1221 6

When did he refer to Eminem? But hey, okay, racist stereotyping is just fine if it's against white people, right? 11 and 40 should be ashamed of themselves. Appropriate username though, 40.

celiiceegee 6

Have You Not Seen 8Mile DipShit.? -_-

Actually no, I haven't seen 8 Mile, but I know it stars Eminem. And I never said I was racist, that would be the admin, it's just no secret that 95% of white guys can't rap. Eminem is a great rapper, but he's the only "white" rapper anyone really knows about. Why? Because white guys that can actually rap are few and far between.

Tell him that rapping is fine, but it doesn't belong in a serious argument.... And putting you down is not fine...ever.