By orgasmicriding - 22/12/2012 22:55 - United States - Wyandotte

Today, because my boyfriend drives a 2-seated sports car, I had to awkwardly sit on his brother's lap as we drove to the store. I soon felt a poking sensation through his pants, just a few minutes before we hit a bumpy road. FML
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StalkerChick 13

I'm surprised that your boyfriend would allow you to sit in his brother's lap. o_o


khan7864u 4

Idk but OP should be happy because it shows she must be good looking as well as hot =]

agsilver 14

"Is that a Stick Shift or are you just happy to see me?"

Umm, did you read the "sitting on lap of boyfriends brother part"?

#93 Yeah, but I meant the love triangle.

AnyaS 19

In this case maybe it would've worked out better if he sat on your lap.

StalkerChick 13

I'm surprised that your boyfriend would allow you to sit in his brother's lap. o_o

Maybe he would have had it the other way but only the boyfriend had a license?

oj101 33

Of course you would be Overly Attached Girlfriend.

It's hard to tell from this post but maybe the brother is a rather heavy person and his gf is somewhat small and petite... The fear of crushing or hurting her may have been more important to him. Sometimes circumstances arise and hey you may have to exceed capacity limits in the car from time to time. How do we know that the bf intended for this to happen?

sleepinginclass 8

Well I definitely read this as she was sitting in HER brother's lap. Now it's not so weird.

I'd allow my wife to sit in my brothers lap if I had a tiny car with two seats and we had to run to the store... It's not like they're sitting at home and cuddling with eachother or anything

spekledworf 18

Or you could leave one of them at home

perdix 29

#3, clearly, the OP should have driven and let one of the brothers sit on the other's lap.

iluvevil01 11

#65 Well it's nice to know that I wasn't the only one who read it as that

onorexveritas 23

I can't believe your boyfriend even allowed this. That's so awkward >.

But I'm sure the brother is like those little aliens on Toy Story, eternally grateful.

Steel_BZ 8

It's his brother. I'm sure he didn't think about that situation arising.

The situation wasn't the only thing arising ;)

You obviously liked it OP, judging by your username.

Why do you both need to go? if his car is a 2 seater he obviously doesn't have too much room and he can now be susceptible to seat belt tickets.

Your boyfriend shouldn't have allowed it in the first place. As a guy he should know that things pop up and you can't control it