By notimpressed - 26/04/2011 19:25 - United Kingdom

Today, a kid with severe Down's came into my workplace, as he does every day. He's has an obsession with me, sitting at a table, staring and taking photos of me all day. His parents have no problem with this, because they think it's a miracle that he can focus so much attention on me for so long. FML
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Atleast he is progressing in life! You should feel honored! ;)

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your turning his downs into ups


don't put thumbs down, this is so funny it's retarded

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Nice comment... but damn OP, you're an asshole. Get to know him. People who have down syndrome are some of the funniest people alive. What in the world is your problem? Unless you're bitching about the fact that the down syndrome child's (on an iPod, don't remember the gender) parents think you're boring? Waaaaa waaa waaa, cry some more, maybe your mom will come in and breastfeed you again, burp you, and put you down for a nap. Quit complaining about being called boring, and DO something about it, make yourself exciting. Go do extreme sports. Make yourself an adrenaline junkie.

lol? this is kind of insensitive. i wonder how you would feel if you had a kid with downs syndrome. asshole...

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27- you went from starting off ok to just WAY OFF. I have so much to say but I'm afriad you might throw in extra words like how you did with the original post and not understand what I'm telling you.

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what are ppl thumbing down 29? they're talkin shit to 1 I say thumbs up yo! ^.^

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Get over it. #1 is right, it was funny as crap. All retards are funny as crap.

27 i think its more that retards have trouble focusing than that the op is boring, but i dunno :) op get over itt, retards are good people (:

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43 and 44 are right. Don't be such babies.

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Haha sorry prime, I understand. I just get easily aggravated over inconsiderate people so I do go overboard a lot and say stuff that isn't even related to the subject, sorry :p

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Severe Downs? Down syndrome is one chromosome missing. It doesnt get Worse ir better. just downsyndrome.

why don't you just not call them retards.. its pretty offensive.

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I "lol'd" because this guy/ woman posted an FML on this.

81- hmmm... I always thought people called them that bacause they are RETARDED MENTALLY, but now that you say it, I see it obviously must have some horrible underlying context heavily insulting all who are mentally impaired.

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101- it's "mentally retarded" not "retarded mentally". And retard is an offensive term just like saying any other racial slur..just saying

actually 114 retard means "to slow" and can be used in other terms regarding physical capabilities as well, depending on where 101 is from "retarded mentally" may be the correct term.

@114 - retard isn't a racial slur. Just sayin... And OP, grow up. Waaah, the mentally handicapped boy is staring and taking pictures cuz he thinks you're pretty. He has downs. Get over yourself. Why would you seriously think this is an fml? Yfdi for being a bigot

I'm pretty sure OP would feel uncomfortable if it was ANY guy doing that! I know this down syndrome kid who is sweet, but a little pervert too. he's always trying to grab girls asses, and he tells girls he can have as Manu girls as he wants (he thinks they're all his gf) but they can only be with him. he may be retarded, but that's no excuse to be a perv and take pics, the parents can teach him not to

It's called being developmentally disabled!!!! Show some Respect!!!

Well you wouldn't say that if someone you loved had Down syndrome.

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your an asshole just cause someones mentally handicapped does not make them funny or retarded. you should look up down syndrome not all who have it are mentally retarded. there are different severities of it some are just alittle slow and others are severly disabled. You and op are both ******* morons and should research stuff before you post

66- Down Syndrome is caused by an extra of all or part of the 21st chromosome, no a missing one. The effects and severity vary greatly among people, depending on genetic history, how much of the extra chromosome there is, and pure luck. OP, unless that kid is affecting your work or doing inappropriate things, just smile and go about your day. If it makes you feel legitimately uncomfortable or keeps your from doing your job, talk to the parents and explain that to them. If they're reasonable people, they'll respect your wishes. If that doesn't work, try going to your boss, perhaps?

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66 Sorry Bill Nye but it's an extra chromosome not a missing one.

actually a person can have severe down. the severity of the syndrome depends on which chromosome is missing

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you should take it as a compliment that you can hold his attention....

u should be happy...u are making a troubled child happy that's cute

he is not 'troubled', he has a chromosomal disorder.

really this lady is a complete bitch! the kid has a disorder and she is acting like this is offensive? f*** you, not your life. this is insensitive, ESPECIALLY for a teacher.

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she never said she was a teacher

if a stranger was coming to your job and staring at you for several hours a day, whether they had a chromosomal disorder or not you would probably be frustrated and creeped out after awhile. and the OP has a right to feel comfortable in her work place.

26 is an idiot. anyways yea it really sucks for you. but at least the kid made a bit of progress doing something. too bad its being a creeper

you're (sorry not being mean! I just can't help myself, it bothers me alot sorry so sorry)

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i find no problem. ppl that r down can be some of the sweetest ppl. n if he takein pix it means he might lik u so talk to his parents n talk to him if it makes u nervous.

My brother has Down's Syndrome, and is constantly taking pictures of random stuff XD It's probably just a hobby of his :3

8, 19, and 79 - it doesn't matter if he's sweet. if he's making her uncomfortable at her place of employment it needs to stop. if he's not there for a business transaction he's loitering at any rate.

Countrygirl, he was with his parents, how was he "loitering" O_o

Because he isn't buying anything and is making her uncomfortable. The fact that his parents are there mean nothing - just that they need to do something, but refuse to.

It has apparently happened many times, if they aren't there for a transaction of business it is technically loitering. And if his parents are there only to allow their child to stare at the woman, they are loitering as well. Loitering can be charged to adolescents and adults.

79- I think both Down Syndrome and Down's Syndrome are acceptable, but Down's is used primarily in the UK. You could also just avoid the confusion by getting all fancy and calling it trisomy 21 =P.

If his parents bring him there for that specific purpose, then they're all loitering.

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Wow. You're obviously only thinking about yourself here. I wish you could trade bodies and see how he feels.

I'm not sure she's really being bitchy. She didn't act negatively towards him at all (yet, anyway) It's totally understandable that she's uncomfortable. That said, I'm not sure which to pick either, I think it might be moot.

i beleve op just feel it is very uncomfertable to e taken pictures of by a stranger at work. it is kinda respectless of the parents, not even asking if it is ok. i would feel the same unless they actually asked first.

I really don't know if I should say that you deserve it or not , because you're just being a bitch. he's not doing anything bad or something .

if it were a person with a fully functioning brain taking pictures of her and following her around, they would get a restraining order and she would be congratulated for being brave and facing a dangerous person.

I agree with #67, it doesn't matter who it is, if someone is following me and taking lots of pictures, I'd be freaked out too.

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if you are mentally handicapped you should be aware of how offensive the word retarded is. furthermore I don't understand how you being mentally challenged makes this situation "okay" for this person, could you explain that, please?

hey, I appreciate your advocacy, but I think retarded is a perfectly fine word if it's intent is to not be offensive. In the past, retarded was the accepted vernacular while moron was the offensive term. Now retarded is the offensive term and mentally handicapped is correct. in a decade, mentally handicapped will be offensive and there will be a new word. this happens all the time. for example, ******>Negro>black>African american>???

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58, you have a good point, but since the word retarded, in this point in time, is offensive and hurts people's feelings, it just seems best to use a more politically correct term such as mentally handicapped.

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Excuse me, I'm really sorry my friend was on my account just now and she was upset because her sister is mentally handicapped. I agree with your reasoning and apologize for her rash-ness(if that's a word). lol

im sorry If I made it seem like I thought using the word ****** is ok. my point is that in the past it was acceptable, then Negro was acceptable, then black was acceptable, and now African American is acceptable. the "politically correct" term today will be the offensive one in a generation or two. people should stop taking offense to someone's word choice, and start taking offense to their intentions.