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  Marcella1016  |  31

Why do they close comments on some FMLs? They closed comments on the FEMA one a couple hours ago and I remember them closing comments really recently on an evolution FML.

Censorship? O_O

And if so what the hell are they censoring, trolling??

  treewolf  |  5

@345 she'll shave if it means she'll get head and won't turn her bf off. Stop trying to turn this into "its her body, dont tell her what to do" bullshit.

  jhashj  |  0

... Unless you have sensitive skin and relentless hair. It'll be silky smooth for a day, then cactus like prickly, and then red, bumpy, and itchy... Yay for ingrown hairs! Making ever lick still not worth it

  Garyy_fml  |  11

I think that the FML here is that OP has such an inconsiderate boyfriend that he cares about that her vagina looks like a tumbleweed. What matters mist is what's inside!

Aw what am I kidding I hate hairy vaginas.

  Troy_K  |  7

Don't comment for the sake of commenting? So what are we doing here? Are we actually saying stuff that we think will be meaningful to the person who wrote the FML? Nope. So nice try on "correcting" someone on this site. Damn. I bet you're proud.


64- It's obvious why the FML is on here: OP didn't shave. So why do people think that stating the obvious is in any way a good comment? It's like people who talk constantly just to hear the sound of their voice; it's obnoxious and unnecessary.

  cheeturtle  |  0

247-Well if you can't stand when people post comments like that, don't even read comments. Don't expect everyone to "follow your rules". This site is ment for laughter and silliness, not for strictness and demanding people. Just relax and have a laugh and move on with your day.

By  ambowew  |  7

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Hey, does everyone forget pubic hair is perfectly natural? If you think it's "gross", you're probably not old enough to touch a vagina. Everyone has personal preferences but it's amazing how many people seem to think that it's some unspoken rule for chicks to shave EVERYWHERE.

  Enslaved  |  36

49, I agree with you about preference(: but Ex: I've seen guys with nose hairs sticking inches out of their nostrils and I find that gross since it's unkept even though it's natural. I feel the same way about freakish long finger nails. It doesn't need to be shaved.... just maintained. And my guy shaves/trims, also for me.(: to each their own.

  a_nutritionist  |  10

hey so long as you can live with your partner never going down there because you choose to enforce your "but its natural" policy then fine. its your body and you have a right to keep it as you wish.

but yeah, "its natural" is really no longer an acceptable excuse for anything. otherwise we should just stop fighting cancer cos, "its natural".

  Petunia888  |  13

If you're gonna use the "it's natural" bs excuse, then ladies: stop shaving your legs. Any takers? No? Didn't think so. I don't blame OP's bf for what he did. I wouldn't go down on that shit either. Nobody wants pubic hair stuck in their mouth.


I don't use the "natural" excuse but do people just not realize that shaving can hurt like hell? For some of us it causes so much irritation that walking becomes painful. Then you get 20 ingrown hairs and every guy wants to see 20 red spots on their girl's vag. I stay trimmed but fuck shaving. I'm not going to walk around in pain just to please my man, and he's totally fine with how I groom. OP could be trimmed but her boyfriend wants a porn star instead.

  missbadluk  |  0

I completely agree. Or let's just stop shaving our armpits cause some fool wants to try and post that it's "unnatural". Um no. Gross. Oh and let's also NEVER wear make up. Or put shit in our hair to make it sit the way we want it to. What a stupid comment. If you want to mention something being natural then why not mention it all? Dumb. GROSS. At least trim your nasty shit down there. Jeez.

  NoOneLovesYou  |  13

Oh wow, you're a smart one, 238. First of all, not all women shave. or wear a fuck-ton make-up. or put 34532 pounds of product in their hair. I know, amazing, right? I'm sorry you're insecure or just really fucking ugly, but not all of us are. I promise you that many of us, and our partners, are plenty happy. Guess what? Pubic hair isn't nasty, and plenty of men PREFER some hair, because they want a WOMAN, not a girl. Obviously no one wants a scraggly, infested mop, but you don't need a brazilian to be sexy. Please crawl out from under your rock.


Lawl I didn't think people would get pissy over this. I personally don't give a flying fuck where/if people shave, I just think it's stupid that it's considered "gross" if they don't. Shaving legs and armpits for women is a social norm only because people have made it so. Sure, if some women want to not shave their legs cause it's natural, more power to them, it's a pain in the ass.

Also.. not every girl cakes their face with makeup and uses an assload of hair product.

  Coeliacchic93  |  21

I don't shave, I just trim and my boyfriend still loves to go down on me. I would never ask him to shave just as he wouldn't ask me. He likes it natural, I just trim so it doesn't get too much lol