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Today, I was in class and really needed to pee. My teacher has chosen to replace our hall pass with a copy of War and Peace. She picks out a page for us to memorise on the shitter, and repeat by heart later. If we can't remember, we get locked out of class, and then get detention for being absent. FML
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Make a fake hall pass and use that :)

Or even easier, help your peers by taking that book or just hiding it. She can't say it was you because you were absent that day!

That's quite an interesting strategy of forcing kids to learn... Props to your teacher for creativity. I'm really interested as to what her comments would be on " Lol.

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Thats when you piss on her head saying, "memorize that bitch!"

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I'm wondering how many kids actually recited it back to her. I would just have to take a piss. It's only a couple seconds. NOT long enough to memorize anything! Forget that.

Shit 22, you reminded me... tomorrow is the day that snickerdoodles is allowed to come back on FML! God help us all!

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1 is totally right. Definitely complain. The whole book as the pass and memorizing it is kinda... weird, but then locking you out of class and such? That's just abusing their power. Talk to the principal.

Well at least if you have to take a while in the bathroom you can use the book as an excuse to why you took so long =P

spend the rest of class in the bathroom, when questioned, say "I was backed up".

Just tell her you have more important matters at hand when your going to the bathroom instead of memorizing pointless sections of a book.

Thats not legal. Dont memorize it and come back...then see how things work out when she gets in shit for pulling a bunch of bullshit like that

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Spend the whole period outside and whe she asks why you took so long just say you just couldnt put the book down

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Use the page for toilet paper go back and slap the page down on his desk. It will be forever in your mind and his mind forever. I love memorizing things.

Find the dedication page. They usually only have around 20 words. :D

#47- Complain about the being Locked out of class and being absent. That's completely Illegal.

I don't think the teacher is wanting to make them learn, just to prevent them from going to bathroom or whatever during her class

@121- Can you show me the law or laws that state that its illegal for a teacher to make sure a student isn't misusing class time? Or the law or laws that state that teachers are not allowed to remove kids from their class? It would be much appreciated, thanks.

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Just one page right? So then memorize the title page. Joking, don't do that. You will probably still get detention.

Ass hole-.- ur like kathy off of "rate my pics" or something like that

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Or you could do what I do and take out your contact and be all like 'mrs teacher? My contact fell out may I go put it back in please?' and show them the contact. Works every time (;

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170, you're a ******* idiot. You can usually tell when a student is misusing the hall pass. Normally, it's when they overuse it and/or take a long time. Taking a shit can take a few minutes at most, but memorizing a page can take longer, so basically, the teacher is taking more valuable class time away by making the students memorize a page, rather than just letting them shit and get off the pot. Ugh the nerve of some people. Plus, if you're a dude, how do you piss, read, and memorize at the same time?

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welcome to facebook :) that totally sucks OP.. complain?

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OP do me a favor. Keep your pimp hand strong :)

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25- I see what you did there, and. I didn't like it.

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I dont get the Facebook thing :(

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Try not going to the bathroom during that class. That's her real goal.

So in order to remember the text in the time you have to feign a severe case of constipation. Lovely.

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I'm laughing my ass off from your pic.

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Holy shit. Finest display of poetry ever to be written on the toilet. Your are a god man.

The quicker and more efficient way, pee in your pants ;)

Then you summarize a chapter of "The Stand". Good book, terrible to summarize >_

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U should try to get fake abs... like the guy in mh pic

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Honey, it's called a sense of humor :)

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Honey, it's called being a blonde

I'm not even trolling here: how is that a joke? Where is the reference that I'm missing?

boredblonde 17

Honey, blonde is the best color to be ;) ...and the "joke" is from shrek...a character said "redonkulous" so instead of "ridiculous" I said "redonkulous"... not a big deal...

boredblonde 17

and even if you were trolling,.. you aren't supposed to mention that you are in fact "trolling" because then that just cancels it out...

Why the **** are you people hating on her? You must be extremely old, because lots of people say this.

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1. No just no 2. Yeah I totally just copied YOU 3. You don't know me so therefore you are in no position to call me dumb, let alone bimbo 4. Gtfo my comment.

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This made me laugh, because my sister says it all the time! I didn't realize it was from shrek- I had always wondered!

MichellinMan 20

Have you heard of sarcasm, bitch? I thought your comment was FUNNY, therefore I viewed your profile. (go ahead and call me a stalker) I know you didn't copy me. Once again it was sarcasm. So **** you, and I can do whatever the hell I want.

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#194- hmmm...well I'm "SORRY" that someone spewing insults in all capital letters is a hard to decipher as a joke. #196-...nobody really cares, now do they?

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In the future, I suggest you don't instantly come to conclusions that every comment is a very serious insult. And I'm pretty sure 196 was talking about me. 196- I don't give a shit.

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I like that word....redinkulous hehe funny

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