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Today, I kindly asked my boyfriend to shave his pubic hair to make oral sex more enjoyable for me. He declined, saying, "Think of it as flossing your teeth. I'm doing you a much needed favor." FML
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When they get stuck in your teeth and ripped out, tell him to think of it as waxing considering he refused to shave.

KM96 24

A favour of having mouth full of hair? I doubt it would do a goos flossing job...


KM96 24

A favour of having mouth full of hair? I doubt it would do a goos flossing job...

this would be a good time to get braces, so when the hair gets stuck in them and ripped out he'll reconsider it >:)

Or how about the OP reconsidering what favors she's willing to do in response, hm?

Or she should wear some rings and only give hands jobs.(:

33, Right? And since we are referencing other FMLs, she should ask him to shave his pubic hair into the shape of a heart. Go big or go home!

or she holds out till he clears the jungle

38 and if we really wanted to be crazy we should remember a FML a while ago, and tell OP's boyfriend to propose to her with the ring wrapped on his penis.

spekledworf 18

63 how about he shaves his pubes into a heart and proposes with the ring around his dick and she has to pull it off with her teeth while wearing braces.

I just hope that if you expect that of him, youre doing the same.

She would either have to have hulk-like fingers or him an incredibly tiny penis

Fun fact: sperm actuly whites teeth and makes them stronger because of all the good minerals in them. Its like a two in one deal.

Another one of those FML with a very hairy situations.

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95.. Ewww just plain eww. Fun fact: brushing your teeth also helps whiten and protect the enamel

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95 there's no truth in that. They used to say semen is good for your skin & keeps your face wrinkle free. It's just stupid things to sucker trusting women.

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I think I just gagged...... This is very gross

scientific studies proved that? wow win win situation i wood say. ;)

Boyfriend of the year, right here. He's just looking out for you OP.

Telling him off and jerk off at the same time;)

Get anal, and make him shave or go without sex.

Its ******* 2012 people....everyone should maintain their bush. No exceptions

To be fair she didn't say that it wasn't maintained, just that it wasn't shaved bare.

22cute 17

Yeah, I wouldn't do it if you asked me like that either. Shaving your pubes is too personal to do for someone else's pleasure. But if you're clever you can make it seem sexy FOR HIM - like maybe you lather him up and gently shave him?

Funny, while I agree he should definitely trim a bit it seems odd to me that there isn't the same "peoples bodies are their own" and "people don't have to shave if they don't want to, its a personal choice" comments when there is a case of gender reversal. Where are all those adamant defenders of the individuals right to do what they want without caring how their partner feels? Is it because in this story the individual in question has a penis or have you all just come to your senses?

22cute 17

Isn't that kind of what I was saying? But, yes, not many others. There's definitely a gender bias.

I wasn't replying directly to you, and read your comment a little too briskly - assuming it meant that you should do it for your partner. How typical that I just had to put my comment below one of the only ones giving a similar message to what I was saying wasn't being delivered. Good to see you notice the bias as well though.

Downtime - It's probably due to the fact that society allows men to do either without judging, whereas it seems almost expected that a girl should. Therefore there is less of a need to defend the minority - or the "it's their body they can do what they want" stance. Or at least that's my theory. Personally I agree with the "it's their body" thing, but I don't see any problem with their partner politely/maturely asking them if they would mind doing something that they would appreciate, but ultimately the decision is with the person whose body it is.

22cute 17

It seems like a polite request, Cinn. But if you've ever been on the receiving end of that request it feels a lot like an insult - which makes one want to stop letting that person see you naked ever again. It seems to me Ops man felt insulted too because his comeback about her needing to floss is kinda a similar insult. He's insulting her oral "grooming" as it were.

That is true, 22cute, and a very good point. But my point was more that the person asking should do it in the least insulting way possible. If there is one.

When they get stuck in your teeth and ripped out, tell him to think of it as waxing considering he refused to shave.

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Then chuck out the line "Well now that we have started waxing ...."

Er, I've had the full waxing experience, and while I do agree with some personal grooming, aka manscaping, once was enough. ;p Weird that he seems that attached to his pubic hair though (figuratively.) You'd think receiving oral sex at the cost of a trim would be highly motivating for some.

24, I thoroughly enjoyed your comment. If OP is asking this I'm sure she would also wax/shave so I don's see how it's unreasonable!

24 & 37, I bet she grooms herself well down there and figures that her boyfriend could/should return the favor. If I was a dude, with a possibility if a bj, and it all rested on manscaping, I would be manscaping before she even finished her proposition!

41- Oh, if continuing to get oral attention rested on manscaping, Challenge Accepted. Wax, shave, trim, whatever. ;P I also agree that if a neat and trim pubic area is OP's preference on her boyfriend, odds are she's already adopted that habit of personal grooming for herself. It only makes sense after all.

42, I wouldn't ask my boyfriend to take care of himself if I'm not taking care of myself. Nobody wants to be with a hypocrite. And as we already agreed on, when it comes to sex, men and women rather have sex than not. Side note: props, to you, on willing to wax for your girl but I'd never ask my man to do that. Hot wax next to a penis sounds like a disaster and makes my lady balls hurt just thinking about it lol.

I think fair is fair. If I chose to do it myself, of course I wouldn't expect him to. But if he asks me to, I get to ask him. He doesn't get exempted from it just because he has a penis.

Big mistake getting him to shave down there. Makes for a very prickly ride!! He could at least trim and tidy up the bush though...

Yeah guys should trim it. Just like guys don't like hair on girls. Girls don't like it on guys. No one wants a mouth full of hair. The best way I find is be mostly shaved and leave a trimmed patch above the base of the d**k and you'll be set!

22cute 17

Not true, I don't like it when guys shave. Gives me a rash like screwing sandpaper. There's plenty of men who like hair also. In fact it's a **** fetish these days.

At least trim!!! I bet u OPs boyfriend is the type that likes getting his balls licked too. Just do a girl a favor n trim before u ask for all tgat

Guys who adamantly demand a girl be bald down there are weird and probably immature. Newsflash not every girl is going remove her pubic hair for you. You should be grateful you are getting so far.

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Tell him that you're doing him a much needed favor by not sucking his dick. He'll shave.

Support your man! Make his floss minty: Throw Listerine on his dick.

What an ass bf... And you still giving him a BJ??? Tell him bush or BJ... Choose... lol

At the same time, maybe he's hinting at you to brush your teeth more. Meet him half way!

as the pubes are in your mouth, kiss him intimately, the hairs will then get stuck in his mouth, see how he likes it.

So he's pretty much letting you rip his pubes out. Go for it!

Ask him if he really wants the ********. Personally, I use my hand to push his hair down and assist me. Err... Nevermind.

You should have got back at him by not giving him oral