By Anonymous - 18/02/2013 19:11 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I was about to make out with my boyfriend, so I quickly swallowed my gum. Moments later, I started choking on the gum, and ended up spitting it out into his face. FML
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You could have just spat it out instead...

So now your boyfriend knows that you spit instead of swallowing.


I am so glad you were able to give something intelligent back to the FML community.

Be glad it was gum and not the c-version of it.

Chewing gum? haha no I'm assuming you mean either cud which would be terrible or also chewing tobacco which would also end tragically.

Not sure whether you are incredibly innocent or just trying to make a joke

What makes you think OP performed oral before kissing him?

I don't know what you mean #2? Chocolate or caramel or coconuts? I'm in the dark here.

Chewing cum really? Is that suppose to be funny?

I'm sure it would have killed on the school bus.

Is it preschool day here?? What's with all the up votes for #5 and down votes for #12??

It's called having a sense of humor.

You could have just spat it out instead...

Apparently OP likes to swallow

She's apparently not good at either of those.

I knew it would be bad as soon as I read "swallowed my gum"...that and it bein an FML and all.

Spitters are quitters

You should of just spat it out... Smart one xD

You could have read the comment above yours, smart one.

You could have read the comment above yours, smart one.

You could have comment the smart above yours, read one.

Umm lol? We posted them at the same time? Dont u know whats a coincidence? Smh

I didn't thumb you down because you said the same thing, I thumbed you down because you said "should of."

59 you posted it 2 minutes later.

Meaning #6 opened the comments, didn't see #3, waited a few minutes WITHOUT refreshing the page... then commented. Coincidence? Its possible :P

"Don't you know what is a coincidence?"

I don't understand how you ended up spitting it on his face. We're you still making out with him while choking?

OP would have stopped kissing him if she was choking.

smooth move op...

Sexy..I guess?

Because spitting out the gum requires too much efforts, that's why

What about "hold on hot stuff, let me dispose of my gum?"

Exactly. Now it's a bad/embarrassing thing to be caught chewing gum by your boyfriend?

Maybe he gets angry whenever she has something else in her mouth

Then she'd probably get a new boyfriend.

NickaPLZ 26

Would've been so much easier to just say "let me get rid of my gum."