By Anonymous - 17/10/2010 05:55 - United States

Today, I saw my boyfriend shaving his pubic hair before we had sex. This would be fine, except he was saying "Nom nom nom, I eat cock hairs" to his electric razor. FML
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haha that's great!! keeper lol

A cock razors gotta eat!


haha that's great!! keeper lol

he wants to look good he had a bad hair day.

your boyfriend is full of win

hahhaah that's great

Om nom nom...It's the Cock-hair monster!!!!  :)

could be either. I hope just trimming. shaved clean on a guy is creepy gross in a little boy pedophile sort of way...

you're dating borat?

a penis has a miserable life. his hairs a mess, his neibhor is an asshole, his best friend is a vagina, and he always spills mayonaise

OP is not an expert in the subject and is not familiar with the most correct term. Apparently you do.

I like this pic tnk u!

ha that's funny lol

YDI for being a whining humourless person. No FML here folks, move along.

your really hot

who gives a shit? do you know how many ppl out there are cock hungry? don't let that spoil your appetite!

Buahahahahahahaha! That's freaking funny!!! :D

Lol, the funniest serious reply ever

You got it wrong, it's A penis leads a sad life. His hair is a mess, his neighbour's an asshole, his best friend is a pussy and he is being constantly beaten by his owner.

I know right?

I wanna thumb this up, but because of the post, I feel it should stay at 69. Lol

I'm guessing you're one of them?

I actually laughed when I saw this


helllaaa funny haha

you must love to lick his balls alot.

ohh good one.. dork

I'm a ball licker. ;)

hahaha he is sooo funny!!

he is stupid

Nooo. Your Stupidd. Because Girls Are Moree Into The..Fun Tyle Of Guy :] But You Seem..All Firm..? Mysterious..And Weird...So, HaveFun! ^.^

haha firm.. haha

Why Must People Type Like This?

-_Ama I really wouldn't be replying to that comment Typing Like This, unless you like to hold your shift key alot.

your bf is halarious and idk how to spell that so :P and its on nom nom! get it right I started that>;o last year

Actually Eric, the cookie monster started that, and it is, indeed, "om nom nom (nom nom nom nom until the cookie has been reduced to mere crumbs)" Please, just, no.

Taylor tots your gorgeous just sayin :)

Ama Lia why do you purposefully make yourself sound dumb by typing like that?

looooool om nom nom you silly billy

wooh , some boyfriend you got there lol

ewww stubbly balls. shaving is gross.

well, some people might not way cock hairs in the mouth? shaving should be compulsory!!!!

*want, phew, glad I corrected myself before the damn grammar Nazis did...

they jump on you like a pack of hyenas, and eat your brains out like a pack of zombies... oh yes I did have two similes and an ellipsis in that sentence! suck it! (I hope to god I spelled 'ellipsis' right)

Grammar Nazi, right here. You didn't capitalize the first word in any of your sentences. xD I'm just kidding. It doesn't matter to me, unless a sentence is written like. "u shld ttly hav 2 shav ur bawlz!!!1"

93- LOL at the example sentence you used. (:

A cock razors gotta eat!

LOVE the picture!!!

Indeed those razors have the right to live their own bourgondic life of eating cock hair and drinking the fine ales that the human body expels.

milk was a bad choice

definitely a keeper.

hahaha, her boyfriend is great.

that's cute OP. YDI for me such a tight a**

I agree haha it made me laugh :) everyone should be funny like this :)