By ohcollege - 01/10/2010 10:04 - United States

Today, the rain was pouring really hard outside. I found this out when it started raining on me at 4 am inside my dorm room. Thanks college. FML
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file a complaint or something maybe you can get some $$ off tuition


file a complaint or something maybe you can get some $$ off tuition

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stop complaining??!!?? unless the op got free room and board dorms are really expensive. I wouldn't want to pay a couple thousand dollars to get leaked on.

1 - If you file a complaint like that, would you actually get some money taken off? I've never heard of that, but I've also never looked into it.

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He might get a safer room out of it. While in grad school, our newly built housing had a leaky roof so that the water leaked into the light fixtures. I complained like a MOFO.

RPS - And I take it you got a better room out of the deal, which is why you're mentioning it. Right? :P I still live at home; I don't do the dorm thing. So it's interesting to me to hear about all of this.

Who said it had to be the college's fault? Some doofus could've been a prick and cit a hole in her/his ceiling ;) Then the "college" could've meant the idiots who get accepted to it lol

This happened to someone at my school and they sent the girls an apology and gave them a better bigger room in the end.But it was kinda weird only one room in the entire building got flooded.

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and this is what you pay for??? Get your money back. You pay not to be rained on... unless you...nvm

I'd rather it be rain waking me up instead of sounds of my roommate nailing some girl while I'm asleep.

Um I'd rather listen to the room mate ha ha. Just what I want is a wet soggy bed to sleep in. Bad enough when you get stuck with "the wet spot" lol

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And when you say "college", do you mean dumpster? What shitty-ass college do you go to with such major infastructure issues?? Hope you're not paying more than $500 or so for the honor of going there...

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File a complaint. They might be able to give you temp housing.

I'm guessing you go to collage on the east coast, I live in Philadelphia and it's been flooding for the past 2 days

why are you eating yourself in your pic?

Yeah, my dorm room smells like a wet dog after all the flooding yesterday and I came in sopping wet; I'm in upstate NY. Hang in there, OP, and I sympathize.

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been pourin here too in Virginia Beach

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no you probably pissed yourself dumbass.

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I'm pretty sure you'd be able to tell the difference between peeing on yourself and rain flooding through the ceiling.

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Maybe he's got a really strong stream. Did you see the kids in "Daddy Daycare"?