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  lemoncows  |  2

stop complaining??!!?? unless the op got free room and board dorms are really expensive. I wouldn't want to pay a couple thousand dollars to get leaked on.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

He might get a safer room out of it.
While in grad school, our newly built housing had a leaky roof so that the
water leaked into the light fixtures.
I complained like a MOFO.

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

RPS - And I take it you got a better room out of the deal, which is why you're mentioning it. Right? :P

I still live at home; I don't do the dorm thing. So it's interesting to me to hear about all of this.

  beren456  |  1

Who said it had to be the college's fault? Some doofus could've been a prick and cit a hole in her/his ceiling ;) Then the "college" could've meant the idiots who get accepted to it lol

  SadinSherman  |  16

This happened to someone at my school and they sent the girls an apology and gave them a better bigger room in the end.But it was kinda weird only one room in the entire building got flooded.

By  lionandthelamb61  |  9

And when you say "college", do you mean dumpster? What shitty-ass college do you go to with such major infastructure issues?? Hope you're not paying more than $500 or so for the honor of going there...

  fierystage  |  8

Yeah, my dorm room smells like a wet dog after all the flooding yesterday and I came in sopping wet; I'm in upstate NY. Hang in there, OP, and I sympathize.