By HaleyIsabelle - 08/03/2010 20:54 - France

Today, I thought my boyfriend was being sweet by stroking my hair, only to discover he was getting rid of a booger. FML
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wow FYL, shoulda bitch slapped him!!

fml1026 4

umm eww. thats oober disgusting :P


wow FYL, shoulda bitch slapped him!!

Yee12 0

YDI for having hair

You have boogers in your hair?

Dawkrida 0

umm fuck ya

Monikabug 9

@23, no he was disposing of his booger in her hair.

Why didn't he just use her tshirt like everyone else?

Lmfao this was hilarious, not an fml because you could have washed it, but very disgusting either way

tomahawkinyouall 0

why didn't he just wipe it under the coffee table??? I mean---shouldn't he of disposed of it properly with a napkin? good day to you fellow.

tomahawkinyouall 0

WTF? I'm on a boat. oh and CURSE YOU "Anti-Flood" Protection!!! and damn... curse u again.. I guess I'll just wait... lalala....meow.

Prototype12 0

I'm riding a horse backwards

Monikabug 9

66 = win. That was perfect. Thanks for the smile!

lloooooooovvveee yyyoooouuuuuuu * wipes booger*

Maddoctor 10

Hey Meg? Proud of you. =)

52 WINS and 59 do you know why it says "anti-flood protection"?

beachlova910 0

that's just nasty

Yee12 0

What Is anti flood protection?

PenelopeClearwat 0

haha that's exactly what I first thought(:

MF12 0

it's when you post too many comments at a time and fml thinks you're spamming.

Monikabug 9

It means she was posting too many comments in a short amount of time. In other words, they were trying to stop her from flooding the post with her comments.

lololol bitchslap the bot

Itzmeh 0

BITCH SLAP FOR THE WIN!!! But seriously... smack the shit out of that son of a bitch

itzmeh thanks Girly for the support I want her or him I don't judge to slap the bitch out of that boy and ^^^i ment boy BSFTW

could have been worst, he could have asked you to suck on his fingers

David David David.... it's only worse when you have to suck his boogers out or suck abd eat his shit

tomahawkinyouall 0

ummmm yes I flood with my posts so what fml mods u got a problem??!! huh huh DO YA?!

tomahawkinyouall 0

you sir are, so NOT NICE!!!

Yes, Tomahawkinyouall... From the comments rules: "Flooding the comments section, like the same user sending 3 or 4 comments one after the other in rapid succession is forbidden." I'd advise you to respect and follow that, as well as the other commenting rules.

tomahawkinyouall 0

who peed in ur cheerios this morning? sheesh... this guy eh?

I agree with #11 OP should go bald.

bezach 0

well compare me to your man and behold the epic!

aww im sorry i would never do tht to my gf hes got to show some respect FYL im sorry

lol that was m first impression. like wtf

cater2U 0

ydi for dating an immature loser that hasn't learned what tissue is

Like most said: I would bitchlap him in a way that all his boogers would end up in his brain. That is just absolutely revolting!!

#131 he might like it if she bitchlaps him xD

fml1026 4

umm eww. thats oober disgusting :P

brookeelizabeth 0

über! geez people these days!

I think you mean "uber"...

Vayant 0

Nerdy way of saying it is üßer. lol

10 is correct, actually.

I was referring to #3. I didn't read #10 >.

'oober'. I lol'd.

lolitan 0

that's disgusting!!

Actually, the most disgusting thing I've seen wiped in someone's hair was when I was on the subway. iwas sitting there, minding my own buisness, when a suspicious looking man pulled a half-decayed cat out of a bowling ball bag with a yellow glove. He wiped the cat on this sleeping lady and then tied it into her hair and then poured glue all over it. Unfortunatly, I had to get off at the next stop ad didn't get to see how this finished.

BadPinkKitty07 0

wtf? why? I am very curious....

lol my fuckn ass off aftamonkey u no how to make a women laugh her ass off -peace and love Lezzy

xFuckThisLife 0

4 - I definately agree with you.

manderrzzbabyy 0

ewww wtffff

Icarus_II 0

Ehhh actually OP why is that in your hair? I would have been more convinced if you found a hamster playing a harp.

Icarus_II 0

Ahhh...still.... the hamster with a harp is a great idea.

it wasn't in her hair, he picked it then wiped it on her.

anti_average 5

He's definitely a keeper, unlike the booger. ^^

anti_average 5

Oh yes. Everyone likes a manly man, flingin' snot everywhere. The kind that has hair on his chest!

Not only that but he wears his shirt unbuttoned..nummy!

jasoncard33 0

u dumb ass

anti_average 5

^ Typed the person with no points whatsoever, and who was too lazy to type the 'y' and 'u' in the word 'you'. If you're going to insult someone then please attempt to do so constructively. At least state WHY you disagree with this person. Now I'm inclined to believe you're a 14 year old up past their bedtime. =[

brieanna101 0

wow that's so gross, oh thanks honey! I love bogger in my hair, how did you find out?

dorkrockz 0

ewwwwww wat the heck is wrong with ur bf lke 5 years old or something that he doesn't know where they go.