By mustache girl - 27/05/2013 23:10 - Canada - Magog

Today, I waxed my upper lip hair. My boyfriend later told me that he missed my mustache rubbing onto his. FML
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And join a circus. Could make good money there.

I think OP just might *be* the beard.

tell him he can kiss you somewhere else if he wants that....

I agree, for some reason when I read this the first thing I thought of was how cute it sounded. like his mustache also needs to be cuddles once in a while or something.

Your boyfriend should probably reevaluate his relationship with you.

CharresBarkrey 15

Clearly the boyfriend didn't care, or liked it even. So there's no need for him to "re-evaluate" anything. Honestly, people can be so shallow.

Everyone has a right to be shallow, to have acceptance or to find something worth laughing at. I want one person to tell me they aren't shallow about anything and I'll call you out on it.

Why should he re-evaluate his relationship with someone he clearly loves and accepts for who she is? Sounds like love to me.

23Z9TZO 18

Jokes about moustache rubbing? REEVALUATE.

ise3 10

Speaking from experience, it does suck to be shallow.

At least you don't have to be self conscious

He doesn't seem bothered that you had one in the first place. So that's a plus.

Lol time to start taking testosterone to please your man!

Lol, I know I wouldn't want a hairy lip touching mine! That's why it's gross!

Yeah, women are totally gross in their natural state. *rolls eyes* Oh wait, no, they aren't. The only reason we find things like mustache hair "eww" is because society and the media have taught us that women should be balder than a baby's ass.

Thank you! I would understand if she had pimples all around her mouth or something but a little fuzz? Get real..

CharresBarkrey 15

So guys can find a little upper lip hair repulsive, but girls are supposed to be okay with men's back and stomach hair? Men can be just as disgusting.

Guys aren't allowed to be disgusted about anything on a woman's body, if they are it's the media's fault and they should be kicked in the nuts. /sarcasm. Next thing you know we'll be back in the 1950's twlight zone style with men being the submissive gender. Honestly, what the heck you hooomans. Everyone has opinions. Stop blaming any and everything else because you feel disappointed. This is how we are and forever will be.

I don't see where the post states that it was "a little", but I also done see where it states "a lot". So let's not speculate. If she had to wax it than I'm assuming it was more than "a little".

Pwn17 25

Well at least he seems to really love you.

Right... Facial hair on women is disgusting

Just wait until it starts growing back!

dixiefoxx 22

Aw, it could be worse, he could've been really grossed out by it. At least he was accepting of your mustache :) most guys I know would hit the road running... Your boyfriends a keeper