By Justmyluck - 15/11/2017 06:00

Today, after sex, my boyfriend turned to me and said, “I need to check something down there.” I asked what but he just smiled and showed me the piece of gum he was chewing. He took a look and left to get the scissors. FML
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You’ve never gotten gum stuck to your lips after blowing a bubble? Gum sticks to more than just hair you know.

Lobby_Bee 17

Never needed scissors to cut gum from my lips before.

True, but if he went for scissors for anything BUT hair....

Yes, op obviously had hair ATM. I’m saying shaving wouldn’t have prevented this situation - she’d either have gum stuck in her hair or stuck straight to the skin. The way to prevent this is her dumbass boyfriend not chewing gum while going down on her.

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Maybe you should sit him down and explain that they’re a totally different pair of lips down there...?

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Wow... Please don’t have kids.

Time to mow the lawn and then break the thorn

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If I've learned anything from The Simpsons, the trick to getting out gum is peanut butter, failing that some mayonnaise should do the trick.

At least he mentioned it. Imagine he just left it for you to find.