By fiendishkitty - 20/09/2011 17:53 - United States

Today, six years after hurricane Katrina took everything from me, I received a letter in the mail from FEMA telling me that I have to repay them the money I received to replace what was lost. I have 30 days to repay $4,900 or the case will be sent into federal debt collection. FML
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The government should know all about going in to debt.

asianswag 6

Dude thats sucks testicles.


asianswag 6

Dude thats sucks testicles.

Wow what assholes.

I love how eloquently you put that.

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Along with IRS and ATF, both a bunch of thugs. Edit: This reply was directed to another comment, damn commenting system.

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FEMA sounds like a bunch of douches

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Thats unfair

hey dude I'm sorry hope it gets better

I do say, that is very unfortunate. Good luck

AAAHHHHHHH! happy now, 6?

thanks 54 :).

1- donkey testicles...

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Donkey testicles are too small.... This is more like king kong testicles. That sucks OP! sorry :[

Hire a hit man to tie loose ends (FEMA) then hire another hit man to take out the previous one :D no seriously that's sucks best of luck to you!!

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Woah fml is supposed to be funny not serious

by the time you hired them, you'd have paid more than you needed too

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they have probably sent you other notices. people should pay what they owe. here is a question why is new Orleans the only place that has been fully rebuilt after 6 years? I think it is the class of people, hell mississippi rebuilt, and Galveston rebuilt after Ike

F.cking E.mbarassed M.other A.ssholes?

23-What else that's unfair is the fact that the women in your picture takes two seats! Two! Someone else could've had that!

Both 95 and 100 probably work for FEMA.

Not cool dude

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Hire OJ's lawyer! :D


hold on, everything u owned = 4900 dollars?! definitley FYL

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disaster payouts suck balls as a rule. you are lucky to get 10% of the value in most cases. a friend lost her house, acreage, all possessions save what she had on her back... she got 15k to buy a old mobile home with. if op owned anything smaller then a 1000sq ft house.. say a mobile or small house... 4900 sounds about average.

Hire Casey Anthony's lawyer :O

Hire Casey Anthony's lawyer :O

I was being taken care of by FEMA after katrina. I haven't gotten that yet. I'm so sorry ;( I would get a lawyer.

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Whoa that is bull man. I hope you get through ok

Who ever said OP deserved this is a straight up asshole.

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OP just shoulda seen that damn hurricane coming. Totally deserved it. (joking, for the people who can't sense sarcasm from over the webz.)

The government should know all about going in to debt.

Everyones in debt with china. It's going be a gruesome event when china attempts to collect.

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Yes until then, the U.S. Government will do their very best to waste china's money. Oh and OP, what the fuck?!

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I know how's you feel I was in the shit to

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How rude, you go through a terrible hurricane, and now you have to pay for it. Rude, just rude.

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That's our wonderful government for you. You have an emergency, the government helps you and then charges you for it

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Three words. The goverment sucks.

that was 5 words.


Really? Because " the government sucks" is only three.