By fiendishkitty - United States
Today, six years after hurricane Katrina took everything from me, I received a letter in the mail from FEMA telling me that I have to repay them the money I received to replace what was lost. I have 30 days to repay $4,900 or the case will be sent into federal debt collection. FML
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  tjv3  |  10

they have probably sent you other notices. people should pay what they owe. here is a question why is new Orleans the only place that has been fully rebuilt after 6 years? I think it is the class of people, hell mississippi rebuilt, and Galveston rebuilt after Ike


disaster payouts suck balls as a rule. you are lucky to get 10% of the value in most cases. a friend lost her house, acreage, all possessions save what she had on her back... she got 15k to buy a old mobile home with. if op owned anything smaller then a 1000sq ft house.. say a mobile or small house... 4900 sounds about average.