By Anonymous - / Sunday 8 November 2009 11:12 / Germany
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  Twinklestar  |  0

It means they don't use tooth whiteners or toothpaste containing it, which really aren't that great for your teeth anyway. It means they don't have any of the fluorescent additives that are i whiteners that will glow under blacklight. It doesn't mean their teeth are yellow or unclean. The cleanest and whitest teeth in the world aren't going to glow under blacklight if there no fluorescent additive from whiteners on them. If anything, it means they have healthier teeth than their friends because they're not stripping the enamel off their teeth.

  Sun_Kissed18  |  25

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  Twinklestar  |  0

No. Teeth don't glow under black light, regardless of how clean they are. It's the additives in tooth whitener that glows. Not the teeth, so yes, it's unnatural.


Um, I don't use whitening agents and my teeth glow in a blacklight. Maybe the "whitening agent" known as toothpaste is the culprit..still..I think I'll have my unnaturally white toothpaste smile than non glowing yellow teeth

  varkey  |  7

@90 our ancestors didn't live more than 15 years either, is that normal today?

whether our ancestors had clean teeth or not is irrelevant. modern people should.

neither FYL or YDI. justbrushbetter.

  TempestM  |  0

And how did op tell that his teeth wasn't glowing? can u see ur own teeth?

But that could just mean that the toothpaste they use contains whitening which make ur teeth whiter

  Devornine  |  0

Just because her/his teeth aren't pearly white doesn't mean she isn't taking care of them. I had bad seizures when I was little and the medication permanatly messed up my teeth color, even though I brush and floss every day!

  sulitak  |  26

yeah, some people have a natural grey tint to their teeth as well. that, no matter how killer your hygiene routine is... and as pp said, anti seizure medication and some others can cause the enamel to weaken, causing a less than wonderful color to show through


psh...my teeth glow in black light, and i don't use any fake teeth or whitening-strips. i just brush my teeth well.

anyway, your teeth not being white might just be genetic.

  ToxicTyrael  |  26

Most toothpastes contain some whitener though the package doesn't list it. OP could just use healthier toothpaste (some biological for example). Teeth don't glow under black light without whiteners. It's the same with clothing.

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