By lexiiiiiiweee - 19/02/2010 22:00 - United States

Today, I went bowling with my friends. As I was about to take my turn, my friend came up behind me and yelled in my ear, "Don't mess up!" Startled, I dropped the ball on my foot. FML
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Lol nice. I forgot to let go of the ball :L

Ouch. He did it on purpose. Kick his ass, I would xD


Lol nice. I forgot to let go of the ball :L what did u bowl?

It sounds like they had a ball!

let's give dogman a rousing golf clap for his brilliant pun

YDI for going bowling.

I hate puns. They're so corny. OP, sounds like your friend was being a day old douche bag.

To #6 . . . Myself *blush*

^^^^^ 0_0 anyone else think this is random???

noooo... they said don't mess up! follow directions next time.

@11, *shakes head*

beat his ass then throw the ball at him

your not the only one. lol I see that a lot

36 and 38 made my day!

hahaha, nice!!!

lol i actully laguhed at this


Haha... He likes dropping balls on himself XD

bitch slap her for revenge >:)

that sucks hope this guys foot doesn't need medical attention

He deserves it for not listening to his friend

... You messed up.

Shut the fuck up Donny.

I hope the ball wasn't too heavy.

I guess you should have listened...

and the acceptance bar for an FML just got lower

hahaha smooth

samantha_durano is hotttt!!! :)) dammm nice pic!!;)) <333

A broken foot? Pshh. No. That's too simple. You have a highly untreatable crack in the bone plates of your foot that will require months, maybe even years, of physical therapy to heal. At least, that's what you're gonna tell your friend. Get where I'm going with this? :]

Ajjas013 6

His fingers were all... Buttery. YDI for getting your fingers buttery xD

Mmmm... Yummy.

Ajjas013 6

At least he didn't whip out the lotion :)

Ajjas013 6

It's on Google. Type in moo :)

Marie Antoinette is my favorite historical character :D

fursttttt and ydi only old people bowl

im 14, and i bowl sometimes. its fun. and im not old. XD

relly first? check ur number retard

dude she was talkin about her AGE. although idk where the hell she's gettin any ages from 0_0

I think she got it from being a woman

SUE! SUE! SUE!! - After all, that's the American way, right?