By Raaar - 26/08/2009 04:29 - United States

Today, I went to a concert. Knowing these concerts usually include a lot of black lights, I decided to wear a black T-shirt so I wouldn't glow. I was having a good time, but about halfway through I noticed someone pointing to my shoulder. I looked down to see my dandruff glowing. FML
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Well aren't you a bundle of fun. You knew there would be black light and you didn't wanna glow. Pussy.

Dandruff has nothing to do with being unhygenic


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Yeah seriously ydi for not getting rid of that stuff

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YDI for being a loser and not wearing the most psychadelic neon shirt you could find. WTF is the point of a black light if people wear black.

dandruff is disgusting. head and shoulders. YDI for being unhygienic

Dandruff has nothing to do with being unhygenic

Everyone has dandruff, in varying amounts. It's just old, dead skin sloughing off. The only reason you see it at all is because it tends to collect in areas where it gets trapped, such as on your scalp and facial hair, before being released in relatively large amounts. It isn't disgusting at all, really. Not nearly so disgusting as the mean intelligence of FML commenters. Heh.

it has everything to do with being unhygienic, it's called washing your hair properly, massaging the scalp to get dirt and dead skin out?

"Dandruff" is simply shedding dead skin cells, which everyone does! Some people are just more susceptible to excessive shedding than others. Yes it can be treated by certain shampoo's however it's not unhygienic. Most people choose to treat their dandruff because they feel self concious and/or it's accompanied by an irritated scalp.

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"Head&Shoulders" is quite bad for your hair. It doesn't decrease dandruff, it makes it increase, and in some cases damages it to the point where some hair fall out.

well i havent seem that happen to me and i've been using head&shoulders for a while now i stoped having dandruff about 3 weeks after use but i still continue to use it now im accustomed to buying it i guess and if you personally experience the hair loss i feel bad for you maybe there are some rare cases

Cheeseballs, that is entirely untrue. If it increased dandruff, why would it be allowed to be sold as an anti dandruff shampoo? Think before you speak. It contains zinc pyrithione which treats dandruff and other unfriendly bacteria, unlike other shampoo's which tend to make the condition worse.

Anti-dandruff shampoos just cause dead skin to disintegrate, and to some extent hair and living skin are affected as well. Having dandruff doesn't mean you aren't washing your hair, it means you aren't using anti-dandruff shampoo, as being wet simply makes the dead skin adhere to your hair and the majority of it will just dry out after you shower. You can be clean as a whistle and still make it snow everywhere you go.

Old skin cells die, fall off, and are replaced by new cells. Dandruff occurs when this process is accelerated, causing excessive flaking. It also causes the dead cells to clump together, which is why the flakes are large and visible. There are other conditions that cause flaking. None of them have anything to do with hygiene. It's just how some people's bodies are. There are special treatments, but again, it's not magic. It may work or it may not.

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I would. I'd be like, "remember the guy with the glowing dandruff? That was hilarious." OP, get some head and shoulders, or selson blue.

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i use dandruff shampoo, but it really doesn't do much. i mean, yes, there is some difference, but i still have it. dandruff shampoos don't work on everyone, and it's not unhygienic to have it. i shower every day and i still have some dandruff. i just learned to deal with it and not scratch my head.

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You still need to wash to get the dead skin off. There for hygienic

Check out Google for more info on how your comment failed. Oh, and while you're at it, check out YouTube and troll there.

I have dandruff and I shower daily and wash my hands compulsively. it's because I have a dry scalp.

waaaaa big deal... pushes who cares button

*pushes it again* seriously, FML because you had a little dandruff? Jesus Christ, cry me a ******* river already.

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people need to stop whining that FML's aren't actually FML's. do you WANT to read stories of horrible situations ... or do you want to read something funny?

FML is an oxymoron and suffers for it. The phrase 'F*MyLife' implies incidences that will affect the rest of your life. But FML says it's 'Everyday Stories'. Can't be both. So we're stuck in between. I wish we could vote off poor submittions and the a55h01es that post only because they can type. FML needs a 'Who cares' or 'Meh' button. The world and life aren't black and white.

^ Oh my god, just say **** and assholes. Jesus christ. Why are you even trying to analyse three words anyway? You don't need to be so ******* literal with everything. It's not an oxymoron by the way, and it can be both. Everyday stories could include having your arm blown off by a bomb. In some places, it is an everyday occurrence and also pretty life-*******... anyway, no one cares.

Lmao lmao lmao! But seriously, head and shoulders works wonders.

Well aren't you a bundle of fun. You knew there would be black light and you didn't wanna glow. Pussy.

it was probably dust particles not dandruff

pff you should have glowed like everyone else

YDI for making that up because you obviously saw it on the axe commecial