By moobysrocks - 20/02/2010 18:58 - United States

Today, I took my girlfriend out bowling. The place was not only packed, but on my very first attempt, I stumbled and landed flat on my "sugarbuns" about 6 feet down the lane. Everyone pointed and laughed hysterically, including my girlfriend, who was on the floor almost in tears, enjoying my pain. FML
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DogmaT_fml 4

man you got sugar on the bowling alley.

Bowling has been quite dangerous lately! :o


who the hell says sugar buns? wel, atleast its better than happy sacks.

I stoped reading after " sugar buns "

If I was the ball I would slap you for dropping me like that

YDI for saying sugarbuns, or because it was in quotes, for knowing somebody who says sugar buns.

Melkezidech 0

Perhaps they were laughing at the perfect "drop your balls" set-up?

do20ss 4

lol who doesn't say 'sugarbuns' n puts them in quotations all the's makin a 'comeback'

I didn't even get what sugar-buns meant... Woulda thought ass or chest (if it's a girl) before balls :/

lol 11 YDI for saying sugarbuns just say butt or something, it's alot shorter

Am I correct in thinking "sugar buns" are another phrase for testicles? I've just never heard of this phrase.

I would think "sugarbuns" means butt. "Buns" alone is another word for butt, so that's my educated guess.

AngryNinja 1

wooow. only a sparkly vampire would refer to his package as sugarbuns.

jennacide 0

Hey maybe his "buns" are sweet, have you ever tasted them sir/ma'am? :) Don't worry OP, it'll all be over unless there are gorgeous pictures, but not life *******, I'm sure you'll live.

oh, so wait, does he mean his ass or his testicles? i thought of his balls first, tbh. still a stupid phrase either way.

And I bet the bowling ball fell on his sugar cubes

iSmellNice 2

No, for balls, they say happy sacks

k ydi for saying "sugarbuns". watre you a seventy year old woman?!

Why must every guy try and pretend to be cool for a girl to like them? Honestly, you can score alot more points by being funny. You also lose a shitload for saying sugarbuns Haha queeeeeeeeerbaaaaaag. :D

boyguydudemalema 0

I have never heard anybody in real life uses the term sugarbuns nor happy sacks, only in fml do I here crazy lame shit like that . . .

103 - Ah, that's because fortunately you don't know anyone quite that lame in real life :P

sugarbuns? is that what the kids are saying these days?

your sayin you couldn't think of anything better then sugarbuns , oh wow

wtf does sugarbuns even mean? O.o im assuming hes talking about his ass? considering it would be pretty difficult to fall "right" on your balls

Bowling has been quite dangerous lately! :o

ImRawrtastic 0
Ajjas013 6

He threw his balls and then they whipped him forward and he lost his balance and landed on his so-called 'sugarbuns'.

Jrook 0

wow lol the quotation mark would imply people say it... they don't

dacman48 0

ydi for being gay. no straight guy says sugarbuns

hahahahaha lol u shudve said it's my signature move and get up quickly :D

suck it up buttercup :D even I enjoy my own pain.

I agree also. Suck it up, it's not really a big deal and I'm sure your girlfriend wasn't enjoying your pain, she (and everyone else) was laughing because it was comical. It may have been embarrassing, but only because you let yourself feel mortified. Be a man, suck it up, and play it off. Being able to laugh at yourself will indeed dramatically improve your life.

boyguydudemalema 0

YDI for using the term "sugarbuns" in 2010. But seriously... how did you even manage the physics of that? That's ... impressive. At least you made your girlfriend laugh... but perhaps you should plan another activity for your next date.

had to, last year he mightve gotten shunned instead of ridiculed

Moscow_fml 0

I don't think it would have been, had he gotten up and bowed to everyone. He made his gf happy, this isn't an fml.

Lordlucian 0

I woulda laughd to :p no offense OP

Lethario14 0

I wld hav 2 ! I laugh at myself all the timeXD

vansbabe66 0