By murp - 18/10/2012 16:26 - Canada - Calgary

Today, I went out for a few drinks with some friends. All night, I kept smiling and showing off my newly brace-free teeth. Later on, one of my friends drunkly asked, "Why does she keep smiling? Her teeth are fucking jacked." FML
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randomthing 22

Keep smiling! Don't let that comment bother you. I bet you have an amazing smile :)


omnomnicon 9

And then say, "Now you do too!"

Don't worry only 70% of what drunk people say is true. It is quite likely that he/she is jealous. So if you see your teeth as straight and nice than they must be

Tay_racer10 3

Yeah he probably couldn't see shit!

Adding to 1's comment, after decking the friend, I'd say, "Thanks for noticing that my braces are off!" Drunk or not, the friend will feel like a dipshit.

28 - and you pulled that figure from where?

JocelynKaulitz 28

Maybe he was drunk to the point where his vision was already messed up?

20% of statistics are made up... Just think about that for a second.

110% of statistics on the Internet are made up

randomthing 22

Keep smiling! Don't let that comment bother you. I bet you have an amazing smile :)

Or she didn't wear her retainer and they shifted? Idk I'm just providing the only explanation for what that guy said

22- here's another one: he was drunk.

32 - That's preposterous! Someone saying something completely stupid and out of line when they are drunk?! Not a chance! ;) but seriously 22, obviously the friend was saying that due to the ridiculous amounts of alcohol I'm assuming were consumed that night.

dreamer9614 3

22- 'newly brace free' leads me to believe they haven't been off very long. That takes a few months.

What a ******* dick. But he was drunk and telling the truth so don't mind him. Be happy about yourself.

Why do people think drunks are telling the truth? By definition, a drunk's senses and perceptions are altered, under taw influence of a mind altering drug, preventing him from even knowing the truth really is.

Theories state that alcohol speaks out your inner thoughts. Also limp dick.

Drinks don't lie. But they tell the truth as they see it when drunk. Which may not be the real truth.

#16 Alcohol does make you speak the truth. Usual people that are sober hold things back because they are in control of there emotions. When one self is drunk you are not in control of your emotions. That's why there's so different types of drunks. It's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get next.

Neither a fact nor a feeling told when drunk is true. When drunk, you lack many social qualities needed to make a decision that reflects what your feelings really are. A good exemple of that is the way get to ask ourselves how did we get to do such things we would otherwise not have done.

smtm2012 6
KalCountry76 12

He's probably got bad teeth and is jealous of your fabulous pearly whites. :P

Marrach 7

How do we know they're pearly? Anyways, he was a drunkard .. People express their opinions while intoxicated. Opinions are like assholes, EVERYBODY has one.

lacespace 8

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Wow, 8, you deserve an award for the amount of bitchy-ness in that comment.

lacespace 8

I knew brace face was the lowest of the low. Don't know why I did it. Especially to someone who doesn't have braces anymore. That is a ******* BURN! I keep getting this site confused with a humor site. But I'm not complaining its always nice to be apart of a support group community. Oh and thank you dear friend, for the award (only my second one ever!!) and support. ;)

40 - Ah, but there's a fine line between being funny and being a total ass, my friend.

lacespace 8
CharresBarkrey 15
lacespace 8

Shucks. Fun bunch you guys are.

8, you are such a sarcastic little bitch :p

agonydrum 7

Now now guys we don't want to hurt lace's feelings do we? After all this site isn't about being anonymously mean to people it's abou- oh wait...yes it is

Why is everyone assuming the friend is a guy?

thrAsHeRr9081 16

27- No, you made it that way, fucktard.

27 - Not enough information has been provided to us for that inference to be plausible.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

People like throw around words like sexist a lot. Don't mind them you'll just add fuel to their fire. They probably don't even know what true sexism is.

Well, the voice of the friend's words sounds male. Certain words give the connotation that a male is speaking. The word "jacked" sounds a bit harsh for a girly girl to say. A girl's voice sounds a bit too soft to say certain words, to insult someone, without sounding like they try too hard or sound ghetto. Hence the stereotype, real ladies don't cuss, comes to mind (bullshit, I know).

62 - I agree :) Yeah I cuss on the internet all the time but I never cuss in front of men in person. I find it disrespectful and it makes the guy look like he can't do any better. I feel horrible (almost dirty) cussing in front of men. But for this FML I actually thought OPs friend was a girl. A girls night out was what came to mind first.

But that's just ME. before I get all the downvotes from people saying I'm not a strong woman....oi.

Oh, Metallica! I grew up with that band. Exactly, I don't like cussing more than my guy friends. I only cuss when I'm angry, like most people should only cuss because it sounds dumb hearing it for every sentence. Not to offend anyone who does.

UncleMuscles 5

Just interpret that as you having muscular gums.

That's what I thought for a moment. I've never heard "jacked" as a negative phrase.

Marrach 7

Your profile pic made me think you said "Muscular Buns" ..

secretsymbiote21 5

that guys a Jerk. maybe he meant they weren't white. usually newly brace-free teeth aren't white kind of

Oh Lordy, where do I begin... "That guy's a jerk. Maybe he meant they weren't white? Usually newly brace-free teeth are not that white". I'm assuming that's what you meant?

Sh3sth3blad3 0

His sentence wasn't even that bad in grammar or spelling. You're just being annoying. -___-

Sorry, not going to lie but I was in a relatively grumpy mood when I posted that. My apologies 11! I accept all thumbs down for that one.