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By paddy - 14/07/2009 12:23 - United Kingdom

Today, I went to a neon-themed party. Standing by the UV light, I looked down and realised my pad was glowing through my tights. FML
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AndelleRae 9

Women that can't use tampons, women with overly heavy flows, women who prefer them? *shrug* It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round. OP, that really sucks, I know how embarrassing stuff like that can be.

mysitc_burrito 0

Some girls don't find tampons comfortable, give her a break. But still tights (or leggings) doesn't equal pants, a long shirt doesn't not equal a dress, being orange is not the same as being tan and for the love of God the hair bump looks hideous. Can you tell I hate "fashion"?


trojan124 0

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AndelleRae 9

Women that can't use tampons, women with overly heavy flows, women who prefer them? *shrug* It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round. OP, that really sucks, I know how embarrassing stuff like that can be.

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trojan 124, some people can't wear tampons, and there is nothing immature or wrong about pads? OP that is kind of hilarious but embarrassing, I would never think that would happen. Sorry to hear!

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Some women prefer NOT to wear tampons.

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mysitc_burrito 0

Some girls don't find tampons comfortable, give her a break. But still tights (or leggings) doesn't equal pants, a long shirt doesn't not equal a dress, being orange is not the same as being tan and for the love of God the hair bump looks hideous. Can you tell I hate "fashion"?


A lot of women just prefer them. and of course you also have the ones who get paranoid about TSS or something. I prefer them for everyday use and I only wear a tampon if I am going out for a while or swimming. OP, you really should be wearing something over your tights... or atleast underwear. What if your pad leaked? Hahaha YDI for dressing like a trendy moron

bexox 0

I don't wear tampons b/c they give me monstrous cramps. Plus I heard they can attribute to endomeitriosis. I don't know if that's true or not, but I'd like to avoid it at all costs. :(

starrysea666 0

and ppl who have strict parents dont let them wear em

A. if your parents are letting u go to a party in tights, I doubt they care what you use for your period. B. How will they really know if you use a tampon when u go out to parties and such?

ssnickel 0

I personally don't like sticking pieces of cotton that are loaded with bleach and other chemicals in my ******, thanks. I use a cup, but I can completely understand someone not using tampons.

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ubiquitious 0

I hate tampons. I only wear them if I'm going swimming.

Some women prefer to use both, seeing how on heavy flow days, tampons can leak... Or if they know that they won't be able to get rid of said tampon when replacing it (ah, the joy of low flow, clog prone school toilets with no trash cans). I find a menstrual cup is healthier than tampons, too (no tss risk, for a start), with a pad as a security for the risky days. Also, 15 can be fairly young to try to insert something there, as teenage girls can get nervous and clench their muscles under the stress, and the insertion ends up being either extremely painful or impossible.

onelove7563 0

you stick a cup into your ******? that's a new one...

also she said pants and not leggings or tights they were probably like black but then in the light it showed through. and i know my sister prefers pads but i prefer tampons and almost always have used them since i was 13. so its really whatever floats your boat.

wickeddrummajor 0

there are some people who prefer pads over tampons. and, yeah not everyone can wear tampons.

Don't be so narrow minded. I'm 18 and wear pads the huge majority of the time, because they're much more comfortable to me. Don't think your way is the only way, and don't put people down for something as none of your business as whether they wear tampons or pads.

I wear pads more often than not. If I wear a regular, it needs to be changed after an hour or it is a disaster... but if I use a super, it hurts like hell because it is too absorbent and my flow isn't that heavy all the time.

cxal_fml 0

Women whose flow needs protection, but isn't heavy enough for even a light tampon. Women expecting to get their period that day but it hasn't started yet

Your an idiot if you acctually think there is bleach and crap like that in a tampon. Why would they make something that is harmful to put in your ******? Also cups are nasty why would you want your menstural fluid to just collect in a cup in your ****** then you have to pull it out and that's just nasty.

I use a menstrual cup too! It's so nice and comfortable, whereas I could never use tampons before. Look into it! No risk of TSS, can be worn for up to 12 hours, and keeps it healthy and clean.

#1, why do you care so much what other women do with their vaginas? #110, if you don't know anything about a subject, I recommend you avoid passing comment on it. It will save you looking like a dumb **** in future.

Ligerie 0

When your flow is light you don't need a tampon, it hurts to pull out a dry tampon! And some tights are intended as a pants substitute, I doubt she meant silk stocking type of tights!!!

mimblewimble_fml 0

Tampons may contain pesticides used on the cotton and chlorine which is used to bleach them. Some of the substances used to bleach tampons have been implicated in the formation of dioxin. Not to mention Toxic Shock Syndrome.

i don't think you can . :s . maybe she had thin undies on ? haha .

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA #110 everyone on this site needs to grow up. can we have an fml - no high schoolers allowed?

Hahaha, #18 you are AWESOME!! I thought I was the only one who thought those things were awful. Thank you!!! #133, umm you can't wear a pad if you aren't wearing underwear. Heh. OP, seriously dear, use a tampon if you're going to wear something that revealing.

rachiebpp 0

err... what does having to be in highscool mean your an idiot? Lots of adults are idiots.

And OP u weren't wearing underwear because???

Some women (like me, age 23) have vaginismus and have trouble inserting anything at all.

birds_fml 7

Some of us have such heavy periods that if we weren't wearing a pad, it'd be blood showing through our pants. Before I got on birth control, I would wear a maxi pad with a super tampon, and still soak the pad through. When you assume, you make an ass of yourself.

What? Tampons actually are bleached with chlorine and other chemicals, how else do you think the tampons are perfectly white? Also, while using a tampon, the menstrual fluid collects in your ****** and you pull it out, just like a cup. OP, that's unfortunate, but I did find it funny. I wear pads or at least a liner even when wearing a tampon, just in case it leaks or something.

Seriously, who wears pads these days? If you're just starting out thats understandable but after a few years is just questionable and time for an UPGRADE!

sometimes on the last day of my period ill insert a tampon and ill take it out and it will be completley dry and it doesnt hurt at all taking it out.

Lets all discriminate people judging on what they use to absorb they're menstrual fluids, especially when we know absolutely nothing about the person we're judging and if they have medical conditions or how old they are. There is nothing bad about wearing a pad, get over it. Do you really actually care?

thats the biggest amount of answers to the first comment if ever seen! and i'm making it worse!!

trojan124 0

haha, so a bunch of losers are attacking me and inferring from my comment that I really care about what women do with their vaginas? Calm down, virgins.

fillmyheart028 0

hahahaha. totally made my day. how pathetic is that?

Being one of those people, I'd say it doesn't ******* matter what the percentage is.

that_gurl15 0

#30 i COMPLETELY agree with you. it is so gross...

when girls start talking about tampons and stuff they cant stop

I_love_edward3 0

wow some people think that their opinion is the only one that matters! it doesn't matter your age or maturaty level. Many women choose pads over tampons and visa-versa. i don't think that people should say its her fault or that she was immature, those people are immature for not realizing that every woman has their own prefrances and circumstances. i feel so bad for you though!! thats embarassing but funny and i don't think its your fault at all.

story_teller 0

Umm...excuse me? Why is wearing a pad questionable? Assuming your a guy, have YOU ever stuck something up that area? It's not the most pleasant sensation. Assuming your a girl, you need to suck it up hunny. Not everyone likes tampons. I find them uncomfortable. And there is always that worry about leaving them in too long. To judge someone and call them "questionable" because they use pads is the most RIDICULOUS thing I have ever hear.

Actually when you assume you make an ass out of u and me (ass+u+me) just thought I would clarify

...wait, you bleed dirt? Wtf is in YOUR gine?

Some women CAN'T wear tampons, genius. Not everyone's vag is suitable for them.

gaararox13 0

why are people making a big deal about it? **** tampons. there actually dangerous believe it or not. you can get a serious infection which means u need to go to the hospital only thing i see is wrong is you should have worse pants not tights or had a skirt over it or something :D

gaararox13 0

whats wrong with high schoolers? i see no difference between pads and tampons......whats wrong with them. plus i wouldnt wear tights when im on my period o would wear black jeans.........thats what i do so ******* what if she wore the pad the point of the FML was that he was on her period, she wore a pad, and the black light made the pad for her im sorry it happend cause it's embaressing

dzidziaud 5

Haha, I COMPLETELY agree with you. I mourn for this generation of "fashion". Everyone seems to think that "cute" means the same thing as "slutty". ie, wearing leggings as pants.

umm well excuse me many ppl do. some ppl dont liek to shove tampons up their vjj honestly what do u know

Rlly and your an expert on this. PSht lady go home

cdmelty 0

#110, what color do you think cotton is naturally? Tampons are bright white because the cotton is bleached. It's rinsed before they make it into tampons, but it's not soaped up and washed. It's an irritant to a lot of women. OP, why would you wear tights over a pad? I seriously doubt it was the blacklight that gave it away, more likely it was the big bulge in your crotch. You can't even get away with wearing a pad in tight jeans, let alone in a pair of tights. YDI because of that.

No, not true, I can wear a pad and skinny jeans =) And why is everyone assuming she is a slag? Seriously, just beacause she was wearing tights. For **** sake.

Trojan shut up it's not like she was getting ready and thought "hmm... my pad might glow under a UV light, oh well" and op fyl but that's funny

how about 'fml - no bitchy old ppl allowed' i bet that many more people would appreciate that. x

if your a boy you can't really say shit about this, tampons don't work sometimes, and she could be wearing a tampon and a pad and it still leak through, some girls have heavy flows

tampons can't cause that, it's were your vag lining is super think and clumps and hurts when it comes out, I had a friend who has it and she's passed out before because of the pain, tampons don't cause that though.

um me asshole, who the **** are you to come up with an age limit?

peanutfoo 19

What parent would make you wear a pad not a tampon over their preferences?!?

Life_is_FML 22

Well, honestly, taping a cotton pad to my underwear sounds a hell of a lot better than sticking something up my ******! Just sayin

sgtcxelite 11

Who said OP wasn't using a tampon? You still need to wear a pad or at least a liner in case it leaks..

MissCharlotte_fml 26

Me too, 166. I hardly ever wear tampons and I am 21. Usually my period is heavy all the way through. I dont even use pantiliners most periods, just super heavy ones. Also, I am super paranoid about tampons as my sister almost died from TSS. And why do you care what OP does with her ******? She can wear whatever is comfortable for her. You dont have to judge her.

its scary how much u know about this stuff for a guy

She never said anything about fake tans or hair "bumps"

zeffra13 31

#110, yes they bleached the cotton. Cotton is not white, it's a creamy color. It's considered too minor a concentration to be hazardous.

I think the idea of menstrual cups dirty and disgusting.. Like having a cup that collects blood which oh have to pull out, empty and wash. Tampons are much quicker, cleaner and less hassle

how are they any cleaner? they too sit in your ****** collecting menstrual blood which you have to pull out- exactly the same as things like "diva cups". give me a break

AidenFromSweden 0

who cares if she wears pads I would just leave the party though or get out of the light

kionnalexus 0

hahahahahah, I'm sorry that would suck so bad. Wear a tampon next time, they aren't that scary.

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_cheeseballs 0

You need to wear underwear when wearing a pad.

SkaterChic 0

u cant NOT wear underwear with a pad moron

itsgen 16

what the **** are you talking about idiot!! you make no sence

ummm #27 said "you cant NOT wear underwear with a pad moron" which #237 tells you that she doesnt mean she "sticks it to her pants" it means that she agrees with the other person that you have to wear underwear with a pad. do you not understand what #27 is saying? because its pretty obvious...

kuitykat 2

Yeah you can because she said she was wearing leggings you don't need panties if your wearing leggings

eww you guys are freaks! leggings are not pants, skirt or any other form of ass coverage. Regardless of the need for panties, and yes you should be wearing them with pads regardless of ass coverage clothing, you still need something other than leggings as they are for he leggs, not for the ass, even with a long shirt. And again eww, wear ******* panties if your going to wear a pad!!

deja54 0

Shouldn't have to worry about annoying guys hitting on you. "No **** guys, I just want to dance."

GreatAwakening 0

I like you with your Dane Cook quotes.

i believe the exact quote is: "Let's go dance tonight! Let's just- **** guys tonight. Let's just stand in a circle around our shoes and our pocketbooks and lets just dance. And if guys come near us we'll tazer them. No guys." Sorry it bothers me when people butcher Dane Cook quotes.

deja54 0

I'm pretty sure I imparted the concept. And people recognized it. My mission is done.

72 you do realise that he's used that joke many many times and the wording is not always the same. i'm not even a dane cook fan and i can figure that shit out.

sondramcfail 0
chimmy 0

I agree. If you are wearing pants/skirt/shorts, this is not a problem. More proof that tights are not okay.

It's not a matter of her buying a skirt... it's more like it would be a bad idea if she wore a skirt during her period, which is why she decided to wear tights. But, that didn't work out too well either, did it? ;)

Um, maybe a skirt on top of the tights?

slem_fml 0

I want to go to a party like that .

indian_goddess 0

hold your own party like that. it's fun! just buy/rent some UV light bulb thingies and buy a bulk pack of neon glow sticks and such and you're ready to go.

Surely you were wearing something over your tights? Skirt, dress, shorts, anything? If you were its not so bad cos someone would have to be standing directly under you to see. If you weren't, YDI for only wearing tights. Who goes out wearing just tights?