By MissBeEyeTeeSeeH - 08/11/2009 11:46 - Canada

Today, It was pretty nice out, so I decided to walk to work. Not twenty minutes after leaving, it started to pour. I was soaking when I got there and had to change. My boyfriend works next door, so I asked him if he could give me a ride. His reply? "Sorry Babe, I just can't be seen with you like that." FML
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What a douche. Dump him!

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Some boyfriend you have


The guys got a great sense of humor.... You should be lucky to know someone like that. FYL for putting this on here

wow what an asshole.. dump his ass, he obviously cares more about his own image than about you

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Some boyfriend you have

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still he was being a dick

It's not being noble if he can't take the possible backlash. The point of such acts is that you do them in spite of risk/what others think.

What the fuck is up with this #7?: "news flash, maybe the OP is a really pathetic person and the guy is being noble giving her a chance even though everybody else hates her" WHAT?? She was just wet from walking in the rain! Most guys wouldn't complain! They have wet T-shirt contests all the time, and you never hear one of the guys there saying "I can't be seen with you like that"! *shakes head* Unless your boyfriend was joking OP, he sucks.

OP deserves it for dating someone so conceited. If I was dating someone and they did that to me, it would be over, right then.

ydi for getting wet

How is that being noble if he's AFRAID to be seen with her? He sounds like a douchebag. Drop him & find someone who gives a shit. He doesn't sound like he's worth the hassle.

not really bot her fault

Maybe he didnt want the inside of his car to get wet?

i'm with stupid ^^

What a douche. Dump him!

My thoughts exactly! I would dump that guy in two seconds flat! No girl deserves being treated like that!

Agreed. Dump him! Like that stupid cliche, if he can't handle you at your worst he doesn't deserve you at your best.

What a stupid comment! Gtfo.

no, dump him because he seems to be an ass.

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what a jerk!! dump him

Bwahaha, sucks for you!

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thats a douche and A few people on here are even bigger Douches tho Sorry it happened to ya

Was it perhaps pouring shit and not water? Was a nearby rotting whale corpse dynamited?

if you don' dump the guy, you deserve him

Maybe you should stop picking assholes as your boyfriends? Deserved as far as I'm concerned.

You're right. Guys never act differently just to pick up women.

I find it hard to believe that the warning signs were not there.