By SummerGirl0009 - 23/08/2009 22:24 - United States

Today, I discovered that the medicated eye drops I have been taking to fight a mild eye infection show up under black lights when I walked into a party and the whole left side of my face was glowing. FML
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That sound pretty cool actually... where can I get some?

Dude. That's awesome. Except I would have put some on my right side just to even it out :D


THE MILKY BARS ARE ON ME!! and that same thing happenned to me at lazer quest! :]

YDI for getting an STD in Your eye, ****. And for hooking up at rave parties, and having skanky black light sex.

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Which is why they have an invention called tissues! :D

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I'm replying to the top because apparently a lot of people don't understand the FML. Cum glows under a blacklight. And most people probably thought the OP was being naughty lol aka got jizzed on!!

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No actually I jizzed all over the side of your face. Stop lying.

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LOL at idiots who think this is cool.. Do you think it would be "awesome" for it to look like you got cum all over your face?

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That sound pretty cool actually... where can I get some?

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ikr thts wat i was thinking !!

op think of it positively at least u didn't spill some of the eye drops on ur clothes, ur crotch region or hands that would of been bad as people tend to take that in the wrong way

Dude. That's awesome. Except I would have put some on my right side just to even it out :D

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I know! I you would be the life of the party!

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Maybe the right side wasn't infected?

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people have eye infections all the time... it's not really something that would require you to stay at home 24/7 unless it was really severe. which in this case, it obviously wasn't.

Because having an eye infection is sooo bad right?

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How was your facw glowing if they were eye drops?

Are you not familiar with black lights? I suggest you Google it if you aren't.

I think he means, surely your eye and not your face would glow.

I always spill eye drops all over my face or blink them out of my eye when I put them in.

And why not wash the rest of the eye drops off your face?

If you just wipe it with a tissue I'm sure there's still enough on your skin to glow under a blacklight. I never wash my complete face with water after using eyedrops...seriously, who does that?!

because the eye drops run down your face after you put them in

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That's awesome. More like MLIA/MLIG.

hahah, now all it needs is for the OP to build a fort and watch some harry potter =]

Silly lady, eye drops go on your eyes not your face!

And when you put eye drops in, NOT all of the ******' drop stays in your eye. Dipshit. :D

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Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids

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I'm pretty sure #8 was just being sarcastic or joking.:) You know, a lot of people do that now-a-days.

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The OP's face was glowing because she's a an angel sent from above. /sarcasm Why is this considered a FML? I see nothing wrong with it. Who ever moderated this and clicked "yes" is someone who can tell an original story from a bunch of boring shite. Good on ya, fella!

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I'm sorry, but 99% of the commenters on this site are either retarded are can not make simple connections with common sense What else glows under a blacklight? Urine and semen... do the math. It probably looked like someone blew a load on her face

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lmao!! #54 ily my stomach hurts from laughing!!

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LMAO # 54 ily my stomach hurts from laughing!! n O.P. look at it this way...behind the comments the girls will be jealous and the guys might want you ;) (of course not 4 ur mind but hey they can figure that out later...)

...I had no idea that semen glows under a black light. My father-in-law works at a university in the biology department. One of his co-workers was having students swab their cheeks with a cotton ball and look at it under a microscope. One girl loudly cries, "Ew, what's this ugly-looking one?" The professor told her to talk to him after class. It was of course semen. ( I presume that the explanation is the only reason he wanted to see her after class ;-) )

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#81, wtf. not only did you steal that story, it didn't even fit. idiot

:O To answer your question^ ... it's because people thought she did something dirty... XD Only reason it's an FML. And because no one's posted something EXACTLY like this before; it was accepted.

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Why did they think the OP did something dirty? Glowing things don't remind me of cum, just saying- if that's what you mean by "Dirty".

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Why other reason would part of her face be glowing? The other people don't know she's using the eye drops so they probably assumed someone came one her face. You may not think of cum when you see glowing stuff but I'm sure plenty of people did!