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Today, my wife and I were getting intimate for the first time in several months. Then we heard our son yelling from the other room needing my help. He needed me to scratch his foot because the cat was on his lap and he couldn't reach it. FML
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the op wasnt the only one with a pussy on top of himé.

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Take the first part of 1, and the 1st word of the second line of 8's comment and then you get a baby

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13 - Ohhhh Cockpussy! Because **** go in pussy and---sploosh!---make baby! Ohoho you're so clever! Lololololol (Did you sense my exaggerated sarcasm, yet?)

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Sorry, that was unnecessary. As lame it still was, 13, I didn't need to be bitchy. Just caught that. :/

there is so much fail in this thread I hope you are overcome with the amount of shame and fail that you have brought upon yourselves

This is a sign that he heard you and wanted you to stop

Cockblocked by his own cockcum. Let's keep this thread alive!

ydi for getting intimate with ur son home

#83 wtf? You expect them only to get intimate when he goes to a friends house, for 18 years? That's harsh mate ):

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The only fail is your mother not getting pushed down the stairs hard enough when she was pregnant with you. If you're gonna troll do it right. Need an inspirational poster( Trolling..,you're doing it wrong) lol

Why does no one blame the cat? they know exactly what they're doing! My cat has attempted to cockblock me on numerous occasion!

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Cats think they are the ONLY pussy that should get attention =D

Lol 29 your apology gets down voted!

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*awkward turtle* how did you sort that one out?

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Because his sons in the next room.

for real, wait til the damn kids sleeping. then maybe you wouldnt have to wait several months.

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Having his foot scratched like a boss!

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OP... next time ... bang her... the punk will be fine!!!

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Why this?

Because it's what.....all kids.....are doing.

I believe the poster is attempting to type in the same way he might have dialogue. Sometimes when writing a story, I find myself "..." ing dialogue because of how I might hold a conversation and my typing / writing mimicking the thought process. If this isn't the case ... Well then, he/she is just odd. :p

That's what commas are for, instead of just making it awkward

Or tell him to scratch his own damn foot and put the cat down.

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102 you mean put the cat down like "kill the cat" or "grab it and put it on the floor" because one may be easily confused by your comment.

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that's your son's mom, you have lost your ranking!

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Yeah, raised him to be the kind of bad ass that can and will make his dad drop whatever, or whoever, he's doing to come scratch his foot.

E raised him to be a **** block...parenting goals achieved

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He's gotta teach his son the bro code.

The first time in several months? Well, if you two are okay with that it's allright, I suppose. But is a long time.

I assumed that by son you meant baby/toddler therefore instantly thought "it's not the kids fault". then I saw that he's a bit older than that!

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What if it's a lazy 13-16 year old? Then OP ****** up miserably. Sorry bout that OP