By INeedMoney - 28/01/2012 05:58 - United States

Today, I just finished my first week of unemployment. I don't have any money. I also just finished the last toilet paper roll. FML
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fast food restaurants to restock


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Well that's a shitty way to know you're poor..

easy make own currency. use leftover paper for toilet papper

Dude wash your bum using water! As for money, hopefully things will be good soon..

Hahaha the first thing that poped in my mind was "i need tp for my bunghole!"

OP, you could also just wash yourself down there, it is a lot cleaner that way instead of using toilet paper.

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How about canceling your Internet (which you don't need) and buying more toilet paper (which you do need) :D?

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Enough with the puns! Please & Thank You!

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I like you Bethy. You're so considerate and helpful. Lawl.

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Oh, Bethy, If your profile pic showed a little more of your cleavage, I'd ask you to send me some of that free toilet paper, too! Seeing that you are responsible for the excessive usage ;)

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Just go to public bathrooms and take as much toilet paper as you want.

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*98 yeah but, the toilet paper public restrooms use are all cheap and rough....

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What you would see on a cartoon wouldn't apply to real life..

wtf, u want him/her to put a cat (with claws) at their anus?!?!

Yeah, so your asshole will get fur all over it. Stupid people these days. Haha I would feel sorry for the cat

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Lmfao, we had to do that when we were kids, talk about rough times. Hahaha.

I used to use sandpaper. Now that was really rough.

Time it around when you have showers, and when (if) you go out other times.

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fast food restaurants to restock

a burger king toilet paper roll lasted me like 3 months one time....with three people in the house. suuuuper legit

I've done that before took toilet paper from Starbucks xD their toilet paper roll I'd huge. It's time to go shopping OP go to the mall and use all the restrooms u can find and don't forget to bring a bag do you can fill up!

I was gonna say this. Or a shopping centre, sometimes they leave rolls out too, might be easier than fast food places as they generally want you to buy stuff before you use their loos.

Well if you're that broke than you won't be eating much soon anyways so the lack of to will sort itself out...get a job

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Get a job? Did you read the FML? If he could get a job he'd have one. He's been unemployed for a week, how do you know he's not looking?

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Getting a job is far easier said than done

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If he's that broke he wouldn't have Internet

Go to some fast food places and build up a supply of napkins, or in the most gross ex

Sorry about that, one gross extreme would be to tear up some old rags and have reusable toilet paper. Another option would be to use a bidet.

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Like most problems this one too will solve itself once you run out of food. FYL OP. Things'll get better.