By thisentiretime... - 18/03/2013 20:30 - United States - Morristown

Today, I found out that my recurring acne is actually bedbug bites. I have wasted about a hundred dollars on acne cream. FML
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Now you can waste a couple thousand more on an exterminator an a new bed.

mrpotatohead36 7

Don't let the bed bugs bite!


Now you can waste a couple thousand more on an exterminator an a new bed.

zingline89 18

I'd just burn the whole house down. Just to be safe.

scarface90 8

If you get an exterminator, make sure you don't hire Vamonos Pest (Breaking Bad reference)

If you hire an ex-terminator, make sure it's not Arnold Schwartzenagor either.

mrpotatohead36 7

Don't let the bed bugs bite!

Success4444 12

Didn't you ever get a clue when they itched instead of hurt? I would have first gone to a dermatologist instead of wasting so much money on treatments.

Bed bug bites itch AND hurt. It was a hellish two weeks after I got bitten.

chelsearenaeee 16

Wash the shit out of your sheets

There is probably some of those buggers nesting inside the mattress. Washing the living daylight out of those sheets would do jack shit :l

dmoran20 27

Yep the only thing you can do to be sure you get rid of them is buy a new bed and bomb the house. You will also need to have the carpet cleaned if you have carpet. Good luck!

As much as this probably sucks, but don't you usually consult a doctor in a case of strong acne? I guess he could have told you that those were bites. Also how did you not recognize tons of bugs living in your bed??

Because bed-bugs hide until you're fast asleep, evolution designed them to hide and wait until you're so asleep you won't feel them bite. They hide in the very tiny cracks and corners. Which is why cleaning your sheets and adding chemicals doesn't help.

kewlkate 9

Yeah, they usually hide underneath the boards of beds and that's how they enter the house. You can check and wash your sheets as much as you want, but it's the bed that's really hiding them, and most people don't do regular bed inspections.

They can hide anywhere in the house though. Picture an apple seed, that's how big they are. Now, picture how many places an apple seed could fit. Good luck sleeping.

Oh God, ew. Just take your mattress out and burn it, it's almost the only way to get rid of them.

That may not even get rid of them completely, apparently they can live in your walls.

lolmandi 9

Yup they can. They can also live under rugs, behind photo frames on your wall, your bed frame and even in outlets. In my opinion they're the worst type of bug to try to get rid of.

lorraineald 7

I've had a bed bug problem for almost a year now. My mom spent $3000 on an exterminator. He put slip covers around the mattress and sprayed around the room a bit. he came to our house about 3 times. I told him that I still saw a few in my room and he said that they're probably in my outlet and sprayed it a bit and then left. That was in the summer. This January the bed bugs resurfaced and unfortunately our contract only lasted 90 days so we didn't call an exterminator. Turns out they were nesting in a picture frame I had on the wall over my bed. We finally got the situation under control using store bought stuff instead of hiring a sucky exterminator again.

Woww, I'm so sorry OP, I know how expensive acne medicaton can be... but I feel like bed bugs are even worse, they are soo creepy to me. Time to throw out that mattress!

perdix 29

I think the OP is self-medicating. He should have gone to a doctor in the first place.

ManicGypsy 22

#13, doctor's don't always correctly diagnose bed bug bites. Mine thought I had an allergic reaction, then thought I had a problem with dust mites. Didn't know bed bugs were real until I Googled the bites.

toughchick14 15

Sucks to be you! At least that means you don't have acne.

Those must be some viscous bed bugs to make you think you have acne o.O but then again, im imagining you to have the severe type... unless theres a suttle type of acne? =_=

I knew bugs could be vicious but I had no idea they could flow like a liquid. You learn something new every day. /sarcasm

#10- it's spelled subtle not suttle...

Now you can spend some more money on a new bed:D