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Anytime I think of a sex-related commercial, I think of the French condom commercial where the like 6 year old kid keeps asking his mom if he can do crazy things (like drive the car or put the cat in the dryer) while she’s screaming “oui oui oui!” while having sex.

  DaBlacky  |  31

who says the door was not closed? It was surely unlocked, but it could be closed. The kid could have been asleep in his own bed, but three-year old can come out of bed by themselves and can surely open doors by themselves.

Maybe their doors haven't any locks at all...

By  AmbrosiaFan  |  18

LOL omg... don't wig out on him considering you couldn't wait till he was at a friends or being baby sat or something.

I have an 8 year old. We figure out how to do it and he's none the wiser.

By  Cowgirl1293  |  24

This is why we live next to my mother in law. We just send the kid next door and we have our "time" together. My mother in law knows what's up and she keeps her grandchild occupied.