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Today, I was with my boyfriend of two months, hoping this would be our night of the first kiss. I was so excited when the ball started to drop. When it hit "0", I turned to him, hoping for a kiss, and saw him making out with another girl. He didn't even turn around. FML
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... are you sure he was your boyfriend?

wow. he's not even worth it, then. D:Ii'm sure you could do way better! C:


wow. he's not even worth it, then. D:Ii'm sure you could do way better! C:

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hes probably no ur boyfriend but u thought he was i mean u havent even kissed within two months yet?

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Are you ***'n kid'n me, 2 months and still haven't kissed, I don't blame him, I would move on to another girl also.

Precisely exactly what I was thinking.

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my boyfriend waited almost two months for my first kiss, but he was my first kiss and boyfriend, and I was his first kiss and girlfriend. we took it really slow at first. not all people share their first kiss within the first week, and that's fine.

so true my and my girl are the same way. love takes time

I didn't have my first kiss until month 2 and things are going great with me and him.

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How to lose a guy in ten seconds by Stewie griffin

like really??? Where I come from, people my age (17) kisses and have for weeks or even months before they call each other their girl/boyfriend.

The OP was either really young or a huge prude

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me and my boyfriend kissed within the first hour we dated

Yah. My boyfriend and I kissed before a were even dating. YDI for not kissing him much sooner, but it still sucks.

My boyfriend and I didn't kiss until about three weeks after we met. But we were both shy and he finally worked up the courage to do it not knowing it was my first kiss. Not everyone is bold enough to even kiss right away. ;)

YDI For not watching 'he's just not that into you'. If he hasn't kissed you by the first few days...

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Same A week before in fact.

I think it depends on the guy, cause well I think it when they make the first move so I kissed this one guy after a week, this other guy after a month and this other guy after a day. but OP you should've pulled your boys head from hers, punched the b*tch in the jaw and kicked your guy in the nuts. haha

Not everyone has to kiss on the first week of a relationship. Some people want there first kiss with someone to be special. People on this website are to judgmental.

OP never said it was her first kiss, she said if would of been with that boyfriend, but if that was suppose to be her very first kiss then the whole 2 months thing makes sense.

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Why not? It's not like there's anything wrong with that. It's also not necessary for some people. But there's no compelling reason not to, other than sexual desire. Some people find it more fulfilling to remain virginal until they're married. It can be a special thing you share with someone you love more than anyone else. Chill.

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Waiting for marriage is gambling, you could end up with bad sex for the rest of your life.

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wating until marriage is the best time to have sex there isnt anything wrong with that

Does anyone remember that FML where they waited until marriage and the girl found out her new husband used to be a girl and so she can't get pregnant?

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I never understood the whole "wait until you are married" thing....... How does a f***ing piece of paper and a celebration transform intercourse from something completely wrong into something "romantic", "fulfilling" and what not? If you do it with the one you love, it's the exact same thing if you do it before or after marriage. Not to mention the fact that, if the newlyweds are both virgin, there is a 99,99% chance that the wedding night will be a complete disaster!

I've noticed the people that wait till marriage get married very young and they generally marry their first serious relationship. That's just a disaster waiting to happen. I even had a friend who's aunt waited till marriage and after 1 night she left her husband, turned she was actually lesbian and just didn't know it till she did the deed.

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Maybe she meant first kiss of 2010

That's what I thought she was saying too. I think she meant "the first kiss" of 2010. I find it hard to imagine a guy who started randomly kissing some girl that could've had SARS in Times Square wouldn't have kissed the OP yet.

They weren't in Times Square, they're in Ohio.

I grew up in NY and lived in Ohio for 3 treacherous years, and I can tell you, it's very feasible that they've dated for 2 months and not kissed yet. It's the Bible belt, full of ex-Amish, Mennonites, tent church revivals, Lutherans, Evangelists, and Pentacostals. The only people it is not heavily populated with are Catholics. At any rate, it's one of those places in the States where you still get a gold star for your virginity, both male and female. It's freakin' scary.

you obviously spent no time doing anything in Ohio if that is what you think.

Honestly, girl, you've been dating two months without kissing him? That's a bit naïve, hate to say. You can't really say you're shocked to find him fooling around?

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girls only love assholes. YDI

I'm a girl, and I HATE assholes! I got myself a sweet, wonderful guy. More guys should be like him

oh we are a more appropriate statement would be to say more girls should be like yourself and actually like sweet caring guys lol

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It's a sad thing that more of us aren't; especially since it gives those who are a bad name and negative stereotypes. But there *are* more of us out there than you think.

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2 months and not even a kiss... um..... I think that says it all.

She's probably like ten years old- be nice!

Lol!!! What if she's like 10 and considers an 18 yr old her "boyfriend" hmmm and he kissed his actual girlfriend and she was all "noooooooooo!!!" ??? Food for thought