By Anonymous - United States
Today, my husband and I were getting it on when we heard a little giggle. I put on my robe and looked outside my room to find that no one was there. So we continued. I later called my seven year old son and out he came crawling from under the bed. FML
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  MrsDruidess  |  23

Dude, 7 years old? Why the hell didn't you know where he was? You just go at it with your kids running loose in the house? YDI I am sorry but unless there was more to this story youre just bad parents

  Erock5718  |  0

well excuse the hell out of the woman for trying to have sex in her room with the door shut! having kids doesnt mean that you cant have sex anymore and how the hell was she supposed to know her kid was under the bed?! its not like she was screwing in the middle of the kitchen or something!

  Jaywin  |  3

She probably expected him to be in his room where he usually is. He's a kid, he likes to hide and be sneaky. Doesn't mean he wasn't being supervised unless your definition of being supervised is watching your kid every second of the day.

Like you never hid from your parents when you were a kid. If you never hid from your parents in the clothing racks at the mall, you definitely missed out on good times.

  fortytwo  |  0

holy shit, the clothing racks were by far the coolest hiding place outside of home.
I managed to hide inside a drying machine when I was younger - it took my mom about half an hour to find me. =D

  mattmag  |  0

Meh, it wasn't that long ago that homes had one room and kids were always around when their parents fucked. Hell, in some societies this is still very commonplace. He'll only be screwed up if people tell him it will screw him up.

  chick16  |  0

to #41 and a few others...
the woman shouldn't be having sex, with her husband, in their own bedroom?!?! wow. you do realize that it takes more than just a woman to have sex right? like another person. it's not just the mom who was

and most people have sex at night, fyi, especially if they have children. so im assuming that this was at night, and after he 'went' to bed, he decided to go hide in his parents bedroom and scare them by crawlin out from under the bed, or something like that. or he was waiting for them to notice that he was hiding on them.

as for the kid being scarred for life...he wouldn't be giggling if he knew what they were doing! he'd be like 'oh man im gonna be in trouble if they catch me!!'.
of course, i can guarantee that he will remember this later in his life and know what happened. why? he will remember it for a while as successfully hiding and fooling his parents. when he gets older, eventually he will remember that particular memory and be like 'oh shit. wtf gross'.

  cellerbeck  |  4

62 and 77
I used to love hiding in stores! and the dryer was one of my fav places to hide! I would some times go in it and spin around in it too.
good times