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  rpvia  |  0

your effin dumb po, when you replace any sort of part other than stock on an engine the check engine light comes on and stays on usually

  ancora  |  1

I think the check engine light is permanently on in both of my parents' cars, at least since I learned how to drive in them (8+ years ago). They're well-maintained, despite what the check engine light indicates.

You may want to find a new mechanic, or start getting second opinions at the very least.

  metalwolf  |  17

depending on how old the car is you should look at an OBD reader. If its post '95 the vehicles should be OBD2. Generally OBD2 will tell you exactly what to look at.

By  srgsk9  |  9

Generally, the check engine light means your gas cap is loose. Either that or there's a problem with the air intake manifold or air filter. It's usually not serious. Take it to Auto-zone or similar and have them pull the codes. It's free and they can often tell you how much it costs to fix it. You can still (generally) drive on a check engine light. 9 times out of 10, it costs $50 to fix.

  caleb_m91  |  1

please don't ever give mechanical advice ever again.

if the light is on it could mean a number of things. This twat did have something right, take it to a work shop and have the error codes read, will tell you what's wrong.

engine light will not tell you your air filter, fuel cap is faulty or not on properly, they have no censors.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

caleb_m91- sound advice, except for the last (minor) point. Some higher end cars will have a warning light if the fuel cap is not on properly. My wife's Audi does that. Nowadays with all the computer junk in cars, you'd think that manufacturers would not bundle everything that could go wrong into the "check engine" light. How hard is it to have a text readout for each code?

  jre89  |  0

Wrong. My check engine light is on right now because of gas cap causing an air leak. It comes up as evap. How about you don't ever give mechanical advice either.

  thisisLAUREN  |  0

are you trying to be a stereotypical canadian? typical american. we dont even talk like that. ive never heard someone pronounce "about" like "aboot". fking retard.

  horneyhic  |  15

if Ur cat is fucked then it was an o2 sensor that was triping the light witch is the most common problem if Ur car doesn't have evap sensors in the fuel tank(this is wat makes the light go on if Ur gas cap is loose)