By MR - 10/03/2010 18:37 - United Kingdom

Today, my mum decided to teach me a lesson about carelessly leaving my wallet about. She left it on the floor so our puppy could use it and its contents as a chew toy. I was almost impressed to discover that he can eat three £20 notes and still have room for debit cards. FML
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dude your dog could've been killed.

Your mom is an idiot. Whether or not you deserved losing your money, the puppy doesn't deserve having all those plastic shards tearing through his system.


first! hopefully this time I am

sounds like a bitch: your money being eaten, the wife, and your dog. FYL

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funny stuff

Monikabug 9

The wife? I didn't know the OP was married to his mum.

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what are you talking about there's no wife. and OP maybe you should stop leaving your wallet on the floor

hmm sorry, I typed what I was thinking instead of what was on screen; I meant mom.

not healthy for the dog not cool

also bad parenting I leave my sh*t around my own home all the time cause I f**king live there.

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make her pay you back now. but if she did that you must be carless of your wallet. or your mom us just a bitch.

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#48 so you have shit stains on the floor? * I see...* aha! you have ****** up dog syndrome! also known as FUDS.

WOW THAT BITCH! Your mom was also being mean.

props to your dog, don't worry, he'll learn his lesson next time he *****...

indeed 39 is a win

what does OP mean?

sell that puppy

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that can kill the dog eating debit cards

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Well she could have just given it to a criminal and let him rack up the credit cards.

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what does op mean?

dude, £40, that's like OVER 9000 dollars!

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I would never do that! My mom also wouldn't let one of my dogs chew the wallet up.

#94, three £20 notes does not come to £40

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Original Poster, i.e. the person who wrote the FML

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That sucks

Baxter I'm not even angry I'm impressed BTW you know I don't speak Spanish

That's an expensive lesson...

shouldn't have left your wallet around shouldn you? YDI and your dog should go to a vet, plastic terrible for dogs.

Monikabug 9

Wow! I can't believe your mother did that! FYL OP

MrsxStewart 4

Well hopefully you learned your lesson

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haha my mother would have at least taken the cash out and left the rest to suffer ad my dogs treat haha

dude your dog could've been killed.