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  zahidnasir  |  22

How mean have some respect she is the mother..


So what you're saying #20 is that we should have respect for the mother and not say things like selling her car for bills, yet it was perfectly fine of the mother to sell OP's dog?

  mariri9206  |  32

me, too.

and, if so, well done. a++

By  RabbitOfAurora  |  28

I'm so sorry your mother is such a heartless person OP.

Do you think the people who bought the dog would take your mother in trade so you can have her/him back?

Seriously though. If you can track them down and explain, they may take a refund. Or if the dog is registered in your name you can report him stolen.

  MonstreBelle  |  28

I really do hope whoever bought the dog does the right thing and gives the dog back. I would be devastated if something like this happened to either of my dogs and I couldn't get them back. I'm sure this must be hard for both OP and the dog.

  ninety  |  25

Still, I believe it's illegal to purchase stolen goods, so once they become aware that the dog was stolen the new owners would be obligated to return it unless they want to face legal action. Although if op has no way of proving they own the dog the cops wouldn't do anything about it. I've know someone who had a puppy stolen out of their house and they found it a few doors down. They would have gotten it back, but they didn't have it chipped or any photos of it with them, so they technically had no proof it was theirs.


I saw this earlier in the moderation but worded differently. It said that OP doesn't live with their mother. So that means said mother had to of gone to OP's house/apartment and taken the dog.

  ballislife2324  |  14

I agree with 10, if money is tight and you have a choice between keeping my dog or my house, I would sell that dog without any hesitation. However if it isn't your dog and you sell someone else's then that's wrong.