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By  Zebediabolical  |  39

My dog ate my homework once. I even got it on videotape on a twenty pound shoulder mounted VHS recorder. The hardest part, honestly, was getting the Alpo to stick to the pages.

By  lissa_jade  |  22

as punishment, make him wait in line at the DMV for the replacement. he'll think twice next time.

  ABlindMan  |  17

It's probably unlikely that the dog swallowed the driver's license, more likely just chewed it up enough that it's no longer usable. Besides, dogs eat all kinds of stuff while you're not looking. Yes plastic may be harmful, but a driver's license eying nibbled on is hardly enough to panic over.


It would depend on whether he actually ate any or not. Puppies chew stuff up all the time when they're learning appropriate behavior, but I can't say that any of my puppies actually ATE something that could hurt them.