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Today, I received a very expensive bottle of wine for Christmas. My alcoholic mother snuck into my house while I was out and drank the whole bottle. FML
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Merry Christmas OP. Your mom apparently has a nose for alcohol like a bloodhound.

Did she have a key??? If so take it from her!


First:D let thehate begin

Merry Christmas OP. Your mom apparently has a nose for alcohol like a bloodhound.

Maybe she celebrates christmas with her family? Then everyone left then the mom came back? And how are women getting stoves with Internet connection? Back to work! Ha Im joking. Women are also good at other things. Like cleaning.

Did she leave the empty bottle? If not then that's very inconsiderate of her

20- Don't respond to number one, if not talking to them, fuckball.

22- Yes, mommy.

22- ................GOOD ONE

Has anyone seen my troll? The leash snapped when I was walking it and I can't seem to find it despite the size of it's very large head.

Story, I'm right here. Now can you stop with the shock collar?

SNOOKUMS! There you are. You almost gave me a heart attack.

Sorry, I took a bullet to the face for almost mentioning a arrow to the knee joke.

I would call the police! As harsh as it sounds this may be as a wake up call for your mom to get help!

Your mom is an alcoholic ninja...

police on your mommy who gave birth to the young lady? I think not

Kick her alcoholic ass

49, OP doesn't owe their mum shit just because she gave birth to them. That's the most bullshit argument I've ever heard.

Did she have a key??? If so take it from her!

26 - the mother stole from Nocturne? We must join together as the mistress' nightingales and retrieve it!

Then OP would gain more luck and maybe get some more expensive wine. Everybody wins except OP's mum, she will have to die if there's any hope of recovering the key.

How on earth did she get out of her kitchen?

haha sounds like a ninja move to me.. better watch out for that one... sneaky.

You would know all about ninja moves since you have a black belt.

Lmao 29, I hate to ask but, how do you know this?

Put it this way, i was not at all stalking her profile.

Sounds like something I would do... Forever alone :(

You naughty person. >:( I have no coal, but here's a thumbs down.

I hate when people complain about the things they do themselves

Sounds like something I would thumbs down .. Forever buried

People these days. That's sad, I'm sorry OP :(

You should try investing in a new lock, if she's an alcoholic, she wont figure out for a while.

Hubbee dattard senweelee

Tragic.. What r you gonna do now that your like sucks....