By ShakenNotStirred - 11/11/2013 08:18 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, a drunken customer blindsided me after I told him I would not be giving him a free drink after I watched him put his own hair in it. FML
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perdix 29

Tell him that dipping his hair in the drink isn't good enough entertainment to get freebies. Pour the whole drink on his head, and then give him a free one. Now, that's entertainment!


I think op's okay, but if op was stirred on the other hand..

In his defense, he was trying to make poly juice potion (coffee flavor)...with his own was an experiment to see if he would turn into himself...for 30 mins....and then turn back into himself...forever.

That was definitely a terrible thing for him to do - glad you called him on it, he obviously just wanted a free drink. Liars never win :-)

Lol!! Well then he sure tried for a freebie

I can't read. I can spell perfectly fine though.

Mrsoupinmytummy 1

The way people are now and days...

I just don't understand why that would even be something he would do?

Some poor people just want to watch the world burn.

He just wanted a free drink. No world burning here!

paulpring 9

It is sad coz people actually do it to get free stuff

If he was drunk then just take his drink, turn around for a bit and hand it back to him.

Making the drunk customer think the bartender made him a new drink.

TyT63 12

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