By robotchickens - 10/03/2010 19:54 - United States

Today, while on the bus, an old man told me about all the many things he wanted to do with my various orifices. FML
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I'm all ears

oooooo sexy! what a turn on


First! sorry I've never been first before

bridgette5866 0

...and you still aren't.

And you aren't now.

the good ol' fork in the eye always does the trick

Monikabug 9

That can not ALWAYS do the trick 19.

if its a good ol' one , it will

Blue_Coconuts 7

That's how true love is formed isn't it??? Don't tell me I've been doing it wrong all these years!

I like how it looks as if the first comment got moderated because some idiot said "first!" then complained and was moded again

OP well did you do them?

Taylorfacepwns 0

sometimes you need a good spork to tge eye as well.

He wanted to take the OP back to his place molest him just like he used to do in the navy during WWII. He would then fall asleep and keep his artificial boner for another three hours and 55 minutes.

you should be flattered ;)

I dunno wat an prfice is ...... anyone care to help??

#53 your profile picture makes you look gay rather than strong

I agree with 132

@132/133 Fairly sure i prefer females but thanks for playing... feel free to upload a pic of yourselves anytime...

@ 72 that's cause you a gold digger bitch.

an orifice is just an opening on your body

oooooo sexy! what a turn on

One time I was working at Kroger when a man came in dressed as very detailed male organ, and started looking at skim milk. My coworkers and I drew straws, and I lost. I went up to him and asked why he was dressed as a fleshy shaft, and he threw a slimey banana at my face and ran away. Fortunatly, none of the gooey mess got in my mouth, but I wil forever remember the smell- fried chicken mixed with cat urine. I'm still not sure what the gooey stuff is, but now my face is slightly green.

koco4 0

wow. what a vivid imagination or you are on some serious stuff. LOL

Sorry about that, 60. What can I say, I lost a bet.

Drugs are bad, m'kay?

coochbag 0

apparently you suck

I'm all ears

LMAO! Good one :-D

That was awesome #5

ahahahahahahhahaha WIN

Ewwwwww!!! That's just plain wrong.

fourth yesssssss well YDI for riding a bus

htownlove 0

lol haha ur seventh!! fail

purplemnm 9

haha you're fail! this person is 6th

htownlove 0

no I was replying to some person that put fourth but was actually seventh but idk where it went

rachness 0

#43 looks like a chipmunk...just sayin

purplemnm 9

oh shit I look like a rodent? damn it all I was going for owl!

what's an orifce

it a fancy word for body parts :)

Kockdiesel 0

actually, body openings.

fancy word for holes in your body, mouth etc.

actually it's any hole. doesn't have to be a body hole. fyi

If English if your first language... You're stupid... Sorry...

I know what orifice means, but you say any opening? Pores? Stab wounds?

leebee96 0

a hole in the body.

kadlic 0

should have said okay then grab twist and pull lmaoo

middlefingerYOU 0

this is boring!