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  raphanne_fml  |  33

OP is from Ireland. "Purse" means a bag in American English (where people would say "handbag" in British English), but it can mean a little pouch or wallet where you put your money in British English. I'm not sure but maybe that's why?

  tj4234  |  35

That is most likely it, over here we would never say purse for the bag. The only time it's ever really used in a bag related context is when someone wants you to pass their handbag so they can get their purse out.

It's also only women that call them purses, men call their ones wallets.

  nix1993  |  41

I'm well aware it's not actually part of the UK, but it was the simplest way of saying it to make my point, which I think is fairly obvious. It's not a geography class. A wallet is still called a purse in Ireland, and a purse is called a handbag. In the same way that Canadians say purse instead of handbag and wallet instead of purse, it's far easier to simply say that they are Americanisms.