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  windfuelsfire  |  10

I would rather think that people in their 7th marriage are doomed in that department for lack of general insight and learning abilities to know what to want and expect out of a relationship and the happiness found therein

  Voij  |  16

When someone gets married this often, I cannot help but feel that they might go at relationships the wrong way.
To me it seems like these people must be as afraid of being single as Gabe Newell is of the number 3. That's the only explanation I have as to why they do not choose their partners carefully.

Consider Taylor Swift as an example. She cannot stay single for more than a couple weeks, which, considering her way of life, means she enters a relationship with someone whom she simply knows nothing outside of public information of. She does not know how these people are inside, whether the two of them can work together, etc.

Then again, this could also just be another case of "OMG, I know we only know each other for 15 minutes, but this must be destiny! We are soulmates! Let us stay together forever and ever and ever......"
These people are overly emotional about relationships and cannot handle necessary compromise.

  Voij  |  16

Point taken, will try to lower the length of my future comments here. Always kinda hard to guess this correctly when you're new on a site.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

71-ive written things longer than that and seen things even longer than mine with thumbs up still. I don't know why you got down voted, you're right. There is no limit on comments for a reason. so that you can say what you want to and they way you mean it. if you have a paragraph to write, go ahead and do it, don't shorten and abridge whats you want to say for the sake of thumbs up. there are plenty of people like me who will read it anyway.