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Today, my mom went to court to finalize her divorce. I would have felt sorry for her, had this not been her 7th husband. FML
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What a shock! People who get married 6 times usually stay married the 7th!!

Just don't let her help plan your wedding.


What a shock! People who get married 6 times usually stay married the 7th!!

And if the 7th time just somehow doesn't work, the 8th works all the time!

You would think with all the experience she got from the past six marriages, that she would have made the seventh one work.

I would rather think that people in their 7th marriage are doomed in that department for lack of general insight and learning abilities to know what to want and expect out of a relationship and the happiness found therein

Isn't it about time that she sits down and starts wondering why none of her marriages went right? Maybe then she'll realize that it's all her fault.

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Not Zsa Zsa Gabor my daaaarlink.

Maybe she doesn't know the difference between boyfriend and husband. She needs to learn how to rent and stop rushing to buy.

And the 10th divorce is free! Make sure they stamp her Frequent Divorcee card.

At least her next husband will still be playing on the front 9...

larry king has had about 7 divorces as well. hes protecting the sanctity of marriage, one of them at a time.

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Its like throwing a hot dog down a hallway probably. Good lord. She's been everywhere on the block and then some!

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I think your mum is the one who should be posting this FML. Unlucky in love.

Just don't let her help plan your wedding.

Well she may plan well and have great weddings, but just suck amazingly 'til Divorce when she parts.

28: Nah man, some people just aren't worth the trouble, even if she does give good head.

Or Pleo just don't let her give marriage advice.

I was trying to reference an FML, did I get it wrong? x)

When someone gets married this often, I cannot help but feel that they might go at relationships the wrong way. To me it seems like these people must be as afraid of being single as Gabe Newell is of the number 3. That's the only explanation I have as to why they do not choose their partners carefully. Consider Taylor Swift as an example. She cannot stay single for more than a couple weeks, which, considering her way of life, means she enters a relationship with someone whom she simply knows nothing outside of public information of. She does not know how these people are inside, whether the two of them can work together, etc. Then again, this could also just be another case of "OMG, I know we only know each other for 15 minutes, but this must be destiny! We are soulmates! Let us stay together forever and ever and ever......" These people are overly emotional about relationships and cannot handle necessary compromise.

49 -- No, you got it right. It was a while ago, though, so not a lot of people will get it.

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OMG is that really a comment or a book of 600 pages. i dared to read just half of it..

Point taken, will try to lower the length of my future comments here. Always kinda hard to guess this correctly when you're new on a site.

Nah, some people just can't read, it wasn't that long

71-ive written things longer than that and seen things even longer than mine with thumbs up still. I don't know why you got down voted, you're right. There is no limit on comments for a reason. so that you can say what you want to and they way you mean it. if you have a paragraph to write, go ahead and do it, don't shorten and abridge whats you want to say for the sake of thumbs up. there are plenty of people like me who will read it anyway.

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#51- Or she is just setting herself up for failed relationships so she can write more songs. Yay for the music industry!!!

I didn't even finish "going about relationships the wrong way" before I thought "Gee, what gave you THAT idea?"

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Please tell me you weren't trying to say variety?

Not sure you meant variety or virility. Or Rarity.

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Maybe English isn't her first language. At least she tried.

She ain't got time for this, thats sweet brown.

She's probably more like "oh, you like me?! Let's get married!!"

Well, you know what they say, 8th time's the charm.

That's what Elizabeth Taylor thought. (:

There's always number 777, but she'd really have to want it.

Or 69 hehe *giggles like a school girl*

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I don't think 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, OR 6 were her lucky numbers either.

Wow, maybe she should try being single for a while...

Why stay single when 8 is just around the corner?

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Things don't get truly interesting until you hit the double digits though. OP, be proud of your om. She's a real go-getter!!

She may be making bad decisions, but she is not giving up. Love her deeply. Learn from her mistakes but, mostly, never give up on love.

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IDK... I think after 7 I would start to lose a lil faith

Is it still love when you get divorced the 7th time? O.o